Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello Friend :)

Well guys and gals, this is it! The moment has finally come for me to begin documenting the crazy, A.D.D. things that go on in my life, and inside my head. I should begin by welcoming you to A.D.D. Adventures with Allison. I hope you are ready, because things over here get WEIRD! 

I am Allison, Allison Clark Fedor to be exact. Remember this name, because on of these days, I plan to make it mean something! A little bit about me.. I am 22-years young, direction-less, and loving it! I use emoticons like it's my job, and love to write! I have been plagued with the need to travel and explore the world we live in, and cannot rest until I have done so. I took my 3rd year of university abroad in Bilbao, Spain, and since have been forced to live with the deep rooted hunger and thirst to travel and fill my life with as much international flair as possible. Self-diagnosed with bipolar disorder, that can be attributed to my extreme ADD, and complete lack of ability to commit, make a decision and stick with it, and horrid habit of blurting out my ever-changing opinions, feelings, and ideas about anything at a given time, entirely based off of my current mood.

My current situation is this: I am graduating in December as a marketing major, Spanish minor, and need to figure out my life! I am going to apply to go back to Spain as a teaching assistant, and refuse to believe that my future holds anything else. This blog is going to serve the purpose of tracking my life, and giving you the people an inside glance to the mind of someone who is ADD, and off their meds 8D

But for now new friends, I must leave you with this. The ladies of the F.A.T. House are going on a bike adventure through the park!

Today's quote: "Aim for the moon, because if you fall short, you're still among the stars."


  1. This is a great idea Fedor!!!!! Can't wait to read the continuing installments to your Blog. Happy Writing Amiga, Brenda

    1. Thank you Brenda! I hope you're doing well!