Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lightning in a Bottle

This weekend I was blessed with one of the most amazing experiences of my life -- I went to the Lightning in a Bottle Festival. It is a music, yoga, art, and meditation festival that focuses on sustainability and celebrating life. I was there from Friday afternoon till Monday afternoon, camped outside for the first time in my life, didn't shower for almost four days, and have never had a better time. I've never been so dirty and so happy before.

Living there for those days I experienced the most incredible culture. Every person that I came into contact with was positive, loving, giving, and wonderful. Any randomly yelled out response that was given in response to the randomness that came from my heart being so overwhelmed with love, joy, and peace, was one of reciprocated love. A mass amount of people taking life back to a simpler and more blessed way. Trading and bartering in place of buying, and each person contributing what they could and had to the group.

We were far beyond blessed with the family that we established. Among us there were artists and lovers of every sort -- face painters, air brushers, singers, guitarists, rhinestone-ers, lollipop makers, dancers and lovers. I went into the weekend knowing two people in the area in which we camped, and ended up becoming part of the most incredible group we could have found. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts. 

  The beautiful Jordan geming the lovely Jo
 Kate the Great transforming into Ganesha
 Words cannot express my love for Jeremy
 Daniel, the amazing airbrusher
 Anthony and Daniel's tag-team work is outstanding
 Creeping on Chris while he's asleep
  Still held up after sleeping on it!
 Jo made a perfect canvas 
 Mel becoming the hot-bot
 Our neighborhood <3 

We created a world within the one that we all generally live in. There were no rules other than to love and be loved, and no one was there to judge or be judged. Each person was welcome to express themselves however they desired, and were loved and embraced all the more for it. It was truly amazing to know that outside of the Canyon walls was the rest of the world, living unaware of the one we'd created for ourselves. I salute The Do Lab for their amazing work, and will anxiously await the day I can buy my 2013 ticket. 

Today's Quote: "Of course it's happening inside your head [Harry], but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" -HP & The Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ok, this is not going to be the nicest entry that I have ever written, but I am all about the honesty here, and that's what you're going to get!

I have been in a really great mood all day, and all week for that matter. I think that knowing that Lightning in a Bottle is this weekend, and that I get to spend it with two of my favorite people in the world, and then see my boo thing to cap off the long weekend, in combination with the fact I have been listening to Christian music all week, has really kept my spirits high and soaring. I've been smiling a lot, work has been going so well, and I feel as though my life is moving in a positive direction.

But then, I got off work and went to my apartment. I needed to take some measurements so I know what size rugs, curtains, and etc I am going to need, and after taking all the necessary measurements, I also took a better look at the place. What I realized... it was FILTHY. And that's after I went there on and swiffered and scrubbed it down. I don't think it had had a professional cleaning since God knows when, which I'd say should absolutely happen in between tenants. I realize it is standard for the former tenant to clean the place before the new one moves in, but to leave goopy stuff in one of the closets, dust and grime all over the counters, sink, tub, and floor, a Q-Tip in the restroom, AND FRESHLY SHAVED HAIR ALL OVER THE BATHROOM FLOOR!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING!?

Maybe it's just because I am a total neat-freak and do not shave over a sink and leave it all over the place (especially if I'm moving out and someone new is moving in), but that is SO DISGUSTING. So many people have completely forgone their ability to be considerate to others, and it is such a disappointment. So now, on Tuesday when I was planning to start taking over my things and my feelings were revolving between excitement, joy, and happiness about making a new home, I will instead be on my hands and knees scrubbing the hell out of my soon-to-be-place, that in the current hour, I hate. I will take photos and post them before I clean it just so you can see what I'm talking about.

There you have it. One more story from the moving diaries. Many more to come!

Today's Thought: Fact: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Not saying that I hope that Alexis' (as I found out from an old bill in the mail) new apartment was covered in some guy's facial hair, but if it was, I wouldn't be the last to say, "Karma's a ...................!"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ya Never Realize

Flaming fireballs it takes a lot of work to move into a new place! You never even think about all the basic necessities that you are going to need in your daily life until you have to start from the ground up. I feel especially empathetic towards people who have lost everything to a fire or robbery, because that would be even harder.

I am fully aware that it's "just stuff," and that material items hold no real value in life because the true value in life comes after death, but still. I appreciate nice things, have expensive taste without even trying, and tend to be a bit of a pack-rat. But I'm not talking about "things" right now, what I'm talking about are the basics like toilet paper, Comet, bleach, Shout, sponges, salt, pepper, and a dust pan.

For the last 4.5 years I have lived with these things, not even thinking about buying them in a situation other than because the other ran out or got too old. Now I am starting all over in a new place, by myself, and every day leading up to my official move-in, find myself thinking of a this or that that I am going to undoubtedly need. I am glad these things are coming to mind now before I go and blow all my money on fun though. I've got a lot of expenses coming up with this move, so prioritizing begins now!

The first items that I need to get are rugs. My floors are hardwood, and I'm in the upstairs studio. I do not want to infuriate the people below me with my sauntering, shuffling, zombie walk and heavy steps, or my questionably-loud music, so rugs must go down first! I will be sure to include photos and updates with each phase of this process, and am always open to suggestions. :)

Today's Thought: You can attract more bees with honey than vinegar, so don't romp around on your hardwood in heels, without first putting down a rug.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Work/Life Balance

Today I officially began the process of moving into my new place. Well, I guess if we want to be technical about it, I got the keys a week ago today, but I haven't been back since or put in any work moving, so I'm starting this blogairy (blog/diary). I went over tonight when I got off work so I could Swiffer/sweep/scrub the place down before I begin to take over my belongings. Since there isn't any electricity, gas, or water, I was limited on what I could do, but not mentally. The OCD in me popped out as I began to envision where everything would go and how I would set the place up. I absolutely intend to take it from a studio to a one bedroom, but it's going to take some time. Since I have such extravagant plans for the next month, I will have to really figure out my budget so I can buy the apartment amenities that I absolutely need (ie. floor lamp, white Xmas lights, and rugs). I am thrilled about the idea of my new place, and can't wait to see how it turns out after it's gotten some TLC and a nice stylish touch.

This was quite a remarkable Monday for one other reason though.. Today, I LOVED my job. I was sent with one of my colleagues to a press junket for ABC Family's upcoming comedy, "Baby Daddy." My co-worker and I went so we could interview the talent and the show creator/runner/writer for an article for our employee webpage. He told me that he would interview the creator, but that I would be left to interview the talent. Mind you, I've never really interviewed anyone for anything, so I had a quick moment of "Oh my gosh, what!?" Luckily I am not a very intimidated person, don't tend to get star-struck, and am not otherwise socially inept, so it was really not bad, and the cast members were great. The guys (Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Derek Theler, and Tahj Mowry) were all very easy-going (and so very attractive) and had amazing chemistry, and Melissa Peterman and Chelsea Kane were charming as could be. But I will say, they were taking cast photos before they started the interviews, and sure the guys were nice to look at, but as soon as they brought out that baby, the guys disappeared and I was all-eyes-on-her. Talk about a precious bundle of joy, love, and adorable-ness! (Dear friends, please someone have a baby soon so I can love it, without holding any responsibility:) It was one of those days that makes me say, "I really love my job." And the kind of day that reminds me why I am doing what I do. I am looking forward to more exciting days!

Today's Thought: Never underestimate the power of positive thought and perseverance. If you let the negative and bad infiltrate your mind, body, and soul, then that is all that will come out and surround you. Channel the positive and the good, and everything around you improves and falls into place. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Time

The glory days have arrived once more! In less than two hours I will be on a plane flying high in the sky back up to my mother-end, NORCAL! :) I am thrilled to get back up there and be surrounded by trees, brick buildings, old and dear friends, and enduring a surprisingly bearable heat. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, my flight doesn't land in Sacramento until 10:55pm, so I won't be in Chico till close to 12:30am. Which is perfect because it gives me a great excuse NOT to go out when I get there. Looks like things haven't really changed -- still that homebody, "you come to me, I stay in my house," not-wanting-to-go-to-the-bars girl that I was the last year and a half in college. But I will have to break out of my newly tanned (thank you, gradual tanning lotion) skin, and get myself to the bars. Riley's, I will see you tomorrow at 6am! Chico, I will see you (barely since it will be the middle of the night) in about four hours! Yay! Really looking forward to sharing one of the biggest moments of my friends' lives with them. <3

Today's Thought: Do we all live in the past after we graduate? I've noticed it with friends who have graduated and moved away, and have realized it a bit with myself. I keep myself as deeply involved with my college friends and life as I possibly can with this busy schedule and complete lack of ability to keep in touch. I am curious to see the changes that come about in my life when I have moved into my place next week. I have plans to be out of town three of the next four weekends, but after that, and after I am settled into my studio, will things change? Or will I continue to stay an active participant in Facebook conversations that take place w/in my former water polo team, missing them like crazy, and often times wishing I was there rather than here? Interesting to think about, and something I will surely touch back on at the end of June when I have some sort of answer. Stay tuned! And as always, STAY POSITIVE! Give it up [to God]! :)

Random photo that doesn't apply at all to the entry. I just loooove my sister and wanted to throw a shout-out to her. Clearly we love each other in the same way. This is our relationship, captured to perfection. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Onl!ne 3/&(@^!#$

Today's topic has stemmed from a current assignment I have at work -- to find hosted YouTube channels that we can use as a reference for our own sort of mini-video series. Through searching different YouTube channels I discovered one female whose name I cannot recall (but men, I suggest you try and find her, because she was pretty hot). In the video that I happened to see, she was talking about the subject of online expletives. It got me thinking about my own online swearing/"dirty talk" tendencies, and those of others, and fit so very well with things I have been seeing A LOT lately (especially with finals coming to an end for many).

I make it a point to try not to cuss in any life moments in which I am not driving in the car, alone. I apologize to God multiple times while I am driving because I tend to turn into a sailor, but I really do think it is unladylike for a woman to swear. Whenever I think about women swearing, I think about my mother, and how every single time a bad word comes out of her mouth (once in a blue, no RAINBOW moon) I not only know that what she wants to say is very serious, but I am shocked and appalled at how it sounds. She is a sweet angel of a lady, who I've pretty much put on a pedestal and categorized as "not capable of doing bad things." So when she drops a swear-bomb, I'm pretty sure that a fairy dies somewhere in the world. All of that being said, I really try to watch what I say on the online platform, although it gets soooo hard sometimes. (Let's face it, sometimes you just need to throw down a "damn" in order to emphasis your point -- that one being a terrible example of one of those times.)

Every single thing we say and post online is accessible whether we've taken all security and privacy measures or not. People can access what we put online, and especially if we are posting to Instagram, Twitter, blogs, or other open-to-anyone's eyes places, we rarely can control people's viewership.

Some people post EVERYTHING online. Every detail of their drug use, sex life, drinking problems, drinking habits, cheating habits, and anything else that is going on in their life. That, I will never understand, and it pains me that some of my friends do this. I saw a post made by a EDM page on Facebook yesterday asking people to fill in the blank of their status that read, "You know you're a raver when ______." Now, you can only imagine some of the things people wrote. Examples: "You're asking for molly." "You're rolling balls." "You don't sleep or eat for days." REALLY!?!

I'm not saying that I am totally innocent of never posting anything online that I shouldn't have; when I look back and see how I used to write to my friends on Facebook in high school, I want to go back in time and slap myself silly. But still, those days are far behind me, and I now try not to write, post, or share anything that I might not want an employer to see.

Bottom-line: People, think before you post. (Also today's thought.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hollywood Kids

Today has been filled with tunes from one of my favorite playlists of all times. It includes all of the music in my iTunes library by Kings of Leon, The Doors, End of Fashion, City and Colour, Box Car Racer, and then some from The Maine, Cute Is What We Aim For, Empire of the Sun, Boys Like Girls, The Beautiful Girls, Citizen Cope, and The Thrills. "Hollywood Kids" by The Thrills just came on and put such a massive smile on my face, and inspired today's post.

I know that I have only been a "Hollywood Kid" for a total of about 5 1/2 months (if you include the three months time I put in over summer, haha, very jail-like, no? ;), but I am now, and will be, till only God knows when, a Hollywood Kid.

The song has such a whimsical tone to it. It makes me feel like I'm 1/4 in Fear and Loathing, 1/4 at Woodstock, 1/4 at Coachella, and another fourth like I'm tripping on something strange and flying around the sky with rainbow colored creatures that shoot peace signs and love out of their mouth (much like a dragon would shoot fire). The opening line, "those Hollywood kids, those Hollywood kids got it made," is perfection in many ways. I have always LOVED Los Angeles. There was something about the insanity of it that always drew me in, and knowing that the possibilities really are endless and you're in one of the most-happening cities in the world, makes you yourself feel slightly invincible. 

The trick to living in LA is not getting caught up in all of it. When I say "it" I am referring to the mentality that most people have down here that says you must have a luxury car, wear the best brands, and spend time and money making sure you look good, because then you feel good. Living in The Hills has been a true test of my character. Everyday I see an excessive amount of luxury cars and designer this's and that's, and I would be lying if I said I never once thought to myself, "I need a different car." But I thank God all the time that I have been brought up not to believe that it's what I have that defines me, but who I am. So at the times when my mind starts to drift off to Rodeo Drive and "bigger and better things," I remind myself, I have a car that drives incredibly well, one that many compliment for being "zippy." It runs great, and up until Sunday when I backed into the wall of the driveway a little (sorry dad), had no chipped paint to speak of! 

It's a constant battle to keep myself grounded, but I mostly shake my head at those people who I can tell have fallen too far down the rabbit hole of materialism, so I think that I am fine. And let's face it, I can't afford to fall prey to that syndrome as it is, another hidden blessing I would say! :) 

Today's Thought: Stay true to yourself. Unless yourself really sucks as a person, then make some changes for the better.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mum's The Word

Ah yes, the day we buy flowers, gift cards, cook breakfasts to be delivered in bed, make CDs, fill photo frames, and tell our moms just how much we love, cherish, and appreciate them has once again arrived! Mother's Day should be all about moms not lifting a finger, and having their families be their day-long personal slaves, but let's face it...they're usually working the hardest. One mom is preparing a massive day of celebration, food, and family time for all the rest of the moms (grandmas, aunts, friends, and if you happen to be in the position, they're pregnant daughters), when she should be sitting in a recliner being fanned with palm branches.

Since I saved up my mother-gushing for today, I will release it all, and you will have to suffer through it. :) My mom ROCKS. Never have I met someone who can hold a family together in such a way, a woman who sacrifices every bit of her happiness, chances at a new pair of pants, bra, or top, so the rest of her family can experience things instead, or desire and want in a vacation just to ensure everyone else has a good time and is pleased. I have never found a woman who EVERYONE loves, adores, and wants to be around more, and who absolutely no one can think of a bad thing to say about. She is the epitome of a woman. She is beautiful, funny, and brings such a spark and brightness to any room she enters. Her smile could light up the sky and make anyone feel better. My mother, Heidi Lynn Fedor, is nothing short of amazing, and now you all know. :)

My heart goes out to those who's mothers have passed, my family has lost a few wonderful ones itself. Just know that they are always with you in spirit, watching over you, and can be your guide even if they're not physically present.

And now, I must go and help prepare the Sunday dinner, to be shared with no mothers, but a group full of love. Oh, and, I HAVE AN APARTMENT IN LA NOW! Today I found a great studio in Studio City, and have claimed it as mine. I move in the end of the month, and will make it fabulous.

Happy Mother's Day to all, and to all.....a good Mother's Day?

Today's Quote: "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." Tenneva Jordan

Friday, May 11, 2012

Grad Weekend -- Tips Included

I am in very high spirits at the current moment! Chico State's graduation ceremonies are taking place next weekend, and I will be in attendance! Up until 20 minutes ago, I had yet to determine how I would be getting to/from the airport in Sacramento, but I now have secured a very reasonably-priced rental car. How exciting, I really feel like an adult! Flying somewhere and renting a car to go the rest of the way. I'm going the whole nine-yards for this one! But let's be real, I would have walked if I had to in order to ensure being present at this incredible, important, monumental, but mostly, INSANE weekend of my friends' lives. 

Grad weekend is quite possibly the highlight of my whole college career (aside from studying abroad, of course). I will never forget my grad weekend. Well.......... No, but seriously, it is better than if New Year's Eve and Christmas Day went to Riley's power hour, hooked up, and decided to keep the baby (Chiconians will understand me on that one). It is GLORIOUS. The spirit and attitude of everyone is sublime. More celebratory, happy, positive, and, well, celebratory than ever before in one's college existence. More so than even your freshman year when you get up there and within a week are thinking, "How will I survive 4+ years of this place?? Don't care, here we go!"

Everyone is, for lack of a better phrase, stoked on life, and has absolutely nothing to worry or care about for that weekend other than celebrating, having fun, and sticking it to the man! (Which we all seem to think we are doing by showing up to Riley's at 6am, drinking all day, night, day, night, day, well, you get the idea, and screaming about how we're done with school and never have to hear a "stupid lecture," "sit through a stupid class," "write a stupid paper," or "take another stupid test" ever, EVER again.)  Most people are forever finished with their years of [mostly unnecessary classroom] education, and don't have to worry about starting their first job for a couple more weeks (if they're lucky have gotten a job).

Here are a few tips for those about to graduate:

  • Return your cap and gown IMMEDIATELY after the ceremony/you've appeased your family with photos. The last thing you want to do is leave campus, go to your or a friend's grad party, just to have to jam your drunk ass back to campus to turn the dang things in by the deadline.
  • Get ready to surprise yourself. You will be thoroughly amazed at how much you rally during the course of Thursday night to Sunday night. If you are like we were last year, you'll wonder where it came from, but don't question, just embrace and LIVE IT UP!
  • Drinks LOTS of water! And eat something! Man cannot live on shots alone, and should never try. I saw too many drunken fools thinking they were Superman, only to be left sleeping on a couch someone had put outside their complex a week earlier (to be picked up as trash) for 8-straight hours (across the street from my house).
  • SAVOR EVERY MOMENT! You may think that it is the greatest day of your life, it's not, it's the worst. It marks the end of your college years, your final moments as an intricate part of the college bubble, and the moment in your life when you can no longer pass off responsibility because, "I'm a student." Soak it up, and try to remember it. You'll be glad in the long-run. :)
See you next weekend CHICO!!!!! A big congrats to Jessica Wellman, Rachel Westerhoff, Kaitlyn Mansker, Tina Tan, and all you other upcoming Chico State Grads! YOU DID IT! :D 

Today's Quote: "College athletes used to get a degree in bringing your pencil." -Ruby Wax ;) I know you're smarter than that!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

La De Da

So tonight Prez-O (President Obama) is hosting a something at George Clooney's house, which happens to be about five minutes, on foot, from where I am currently residing. I will be honest, I was in cahoots earlier today thinking that I was going to have the hardest time ever getting home after work since they shut down one of the main roads used by Los Angelians to go over the hill. But, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that traffic was actually better than usual. I presume most people are a) scared of the Secret Service (which, let's be real, they're not that secret, they are a very conspicuous group;), b) figured traffic was going to be terrible and went another way entirely, leaving "my hood" clear as the summer sky, or c) were camped out at the last open bit of Laurel Canyon to try and sneak a peak of the old chap (good luck, what with the hundred cover-up cars, police escort, and all those other expensive, tax-paid people he must use). I guess I owe Prez-O an apology for cursing his name within the hour before I left for my "journey" home today. And also probably for that semi-spiteful tweet I put out his morning. Whoops 8)

All in all, today was filled to the brim with excitement. (Please note: my sarcasm could cut through sheet metal.) I bought my mom her Mother's Day gift, probably the first time that's happened in the last 23-years. (I'm an excellent card-maker/giver. You know, the kind that ALWAYS make the reader cry, which to be honest is my goal with each and every card that I give. Devilish little thing, I know.) And as I am trying to put up a post at least a few times a week, I will save my mother-gushing till Sunday, when I'm feeling extra full of mommy-love. Sadly though, I will not be with my mom in Stockton to celebrate. But I do get to celebrate with some other family down here that I rarely see so it will be a joyous occasion none-the-less.

That is all for today. I am working on implementing consistency into my life, and next to exercise, blogging is it. I will try and make sure something really strange happens tomorrow so I can share it with you all.

Side-note/ADD Drift: I'm off my ADD medication again. I think it's been almost 1.5 weeks. I certainly am feeling a bit less-focused, a bit more crazy, and 100% weird-er (aka the person God created me to be). But I have an appointment on Monday to meet with someone and get evaluated. (I don't think that my medication was really working too well since I'd been taking it for most of my life. Time to switch it up and see if that can help "reel in my crazy" better than the last.)

Night ladies and gents, have yourselves a lovely evening, morning, or afternoon, and if you don't even know which time period you might be in, good for you! Learning to live a satisfied and full life without a clock is a gift few are given.

Tonight's Quote: "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." David Brinkley, thank you for that, it is so true!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Dream Is A Wish

I just got off the phone with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We both are recent grads, working full-time, and living with relatives. Our conversation was fantastic -- the kind that two people can have after not having been in touch for a couple of months only if they are "on that level." Whenever we speak it's like no time has passed at all, even though in the last two years we've only seen each other maybe four or five times. He's my brother, I'm his sister, and we have deepened our relationship through our common belief and trust in God. Through the course of our conversation, we talked a lot about our goals, dreams, aspirations, and what we really want to do with our lives. After, I went on Facebook, and in my water polo group from Chico, a former teammate had posted a video. It was an interview with the goalie from the USA Olympic women's water polo team, Betsey Armstrong about the upcoming summer games. This, in combination with my phone convo, led me to realize some of the things I wished I could, would, and had in life. Some are as follows:

  • Play water polo in the Olympics (dream big, right?)
  • Go to the Olympics (summer games, of course)
  • Visit the most remote places in the world that very few have been before
    • Walk a path that few steps have 
  • Travel the world, meeting people along the way, and helping those that I can
  • Another mission trip to another country
  • Be proud of each moment
  • Make something of myself
  • Do what I can to bring the world to peace
  • Time travel (good to have some "impossible" ones;)
  • Always bring a positive light to those I encounter
    • Touch them with my smile and kindness
    • Make them believe that there is still good in the world
  • And the final one I will include, which also happens to have been my No. 1 resolution of the new year, live with no regrets. Not regret not doing/saying something or doing/saying something. Take each moment for what it is, and maximize it
I will now begin a new bucket list, to be posted periodically. 

Although we cannot know how long we have on this planet, we can control how we spend our time. What we do with it, how we feel about it, and with whom we spend it. So avoid the bull shit. Stay away from those that will cause stress, frustration, and bring about negativity, and fill your time with people that love you for you, don't want you to be anything else, and that you love in return. If you're unhappy, do something about it. YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR OF YOUR OWN STORY, it's time to start acting as such!

Today's Quote: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin -- LOVE IT!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Encourage Your Mind to Wander

The further you stray, the greater the reward when you find your way back.
Mostly in regards to travel, for in life there are some paths that one should never dare to venture down.
Always choose wisely, but don't always choose on the side of security.

For some of us, our lives can resemble a tangled mess of tree roots.
We choose to live with a twist and take the "wrong" turns.
We go off the beaten path and avoid the straight and narrow.
And what we ultimately find, is that our lives tend to be completely and utterly full of beauty.
Like the overlapping, gnarled, sticking-out-in-all-directions branches and roots of a tree growing wild and untrimmed.
It can never be deciphered or traced back entirely, but one thing is for certain -- it is naturally beautiful.

Unexpected, some-what frightening, indescribable beauty.
It is encompassed in the rush of discovering an unknown treasure that fuels our hunger for more.
So we return into the world.
Seeking that feeling of satisfaction that can only be provided by doing, and living.
By escaping out of the ordinary, and fully into the extraordinary.

Dare to see what might not be.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

God Loves Gays Too

I presume that this post will stir the pot of controversy (if anyone even reads it), but that is fine by me! It's time that I write something a little bolder and passion-filled.

To start, I have been raised in a Christian home. My family and I started going to church when I was in the second grade (1996), and I still go to that same church on Sundays when I am in Stockton. I have strong faith, am a firm believer, and trust God with my life, but there are certain things about religion that I view in a very nontraditional way. Namely, homosexuality and marriage.

Homosexuality and Christianity rarely fit like PB&J, but I refuse to accept that God doesn't love gays.

People always say that you should love yourself, that you've been created in God's own image, are perfect in His eyes, and shouldn't deface your body or not love yourself because He made you just the way you are, the way He WANTED. Well if that's the case, I think everyone should reconsider before they decide that a G/L/B/T shouldn't be loved and treated the same as the next straight person that comes along. Because since we're all created in His own image, and made how we are because He so chose, no person should disrespect Him by saying homosexuality is ungodly.

Another thing, God has control over everything. He gives us freewill to choose, to sin, and to live how we want, but the facts are that He has laid out a plan for us and calculated each and every step and moment of our lives before we were even born. This being true, don't you think He would have left homosexuality out when He was dishing out who and what if it really was a concern of His or something He didn't want? If you think it's because He gave us freewill and wanted people not to chose sin, then you're forgetting that lying is a sin.

How can anyone suggest that a homosexual should live their life as though they are straight because of what the Bible says about man and wife? What do you want them to do? Deny who they are, marry someone they might love, but not desire, and reproduce? A marriage without desire is just as good as a marriage without love! Lying is sinful, so how can you ask someone to LIVE a lie?

Throughout the Bible God puts the most emphasis on one thing consistently, and that is love. It is abudantly clear that God wants us to love another, and love our enemies even more. He places the highest value on relationships and loving one another, so how can someone do the exact opposite?

I believe that the Bible is God's word, but I also believe that He loves each of His children equally and wants us all to be with Him when the time comes. I will forever pray that people become more accepting, because if we all continue to turn against each other, we're all doomed.

Today's Verse: "Therefore, putting away lying, let each of you speak truth with his neighbor. For we are all members of one another." Ephesians 4:25


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scam Me Once, Shame on You, Scam Me Twice, I'm the Fool


I apologize, I just had to get that out. And since this is essentially just my mental/word-vomit/therapy place, I shall say what's on my mind.

I have spent too many hours on Craigslist looking at postings, and last night thought I had found a couple GREAT ones. Only thing is, and I hate to be pessimistic, but in situations like this it's somewhat necessary, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. And that was absolutely the case with these couple places I found.

Both were located in Studio City, my #1 choice, 1br/1bath, my #1 choice, AND had utilities paid, a bonus choice! One of them was set at $550/month, the other at $600. Now, I don't know how experienced any of you are with housing in Los Angeles, but that is a total steal! The average for a one bedroom place is around $1000 +/- a couple hundred dollars. So to find something at that price that included utilities, well, I don't even know why I thought it was real!

The first clues that I had that this might be a scam were that the "husband" was now living in the Philippines because he was moved there for work, his "wife" lives in Melbourne, Australia (shout-out to my Aussies!), and had recently been in an accident so she's in a wheelchair, but "they're just so happy and blessed that she's alive," they wouldn't be able to show me the place since they aren't in town, they will overnight me the key and I can move right in, after I've given them money, that they weren't so much doing it for the money, just wanted to find someone respectful that will take care of the place and keep it clean, and their names.

Now, I am not prejudice against names, I understand that there are many cultures and each has their own views of common/normal names. I worked in a department that handled hiring and rehiring, and saw a boatload of interesting ones, but when I see an American name that is completely off-beat, I begin to question. You tell me if you think that someone would honestly be named Collins Matt. Matt Collins, yes, but reverse that? Not happening. And his "wife," Clewiss Matt!? REALLY!?! Come on people, if you want to try and screw people and trick them, at least be smart about it and not to be so obvious! (Not that I'm condoning this sort of behavior.)

Needless to say, after a few email interactions, me pointing out that "I am not judging you, simply looking at the facts," and passing them this link (this is the same message I received), there will be no apartment for $550 or $600, and I am back on the hunt!

Today's Food for Thought: If you're trying to play others for a fool, don't be one yourself!