Friday, September 28, 2012

Over-Flowing Passion

Now that one of the bigger parts of this journey has been resolved (getting out of my lease), it's on to the next items on my list! Here I outlined the things that I would have to do before my departure, and I am very proud to say that since I wrote out this list, I have been able to check something off each day! Don't worry, I'm surprised by myself in this situation too! ;-D

I now have an orthodontist appointment, dentist appointment, and hair cut scheduled, as well as having figured out how I will get out of my lease, get my flight paid for, and manage seeing the people I need to see, in the midst of handling everything that needs to be handled. Still to be done are many things, among them, finding out which city I'll be living in, getting my visa, and purchasing my ticket ( No big deal right? Some of the only things left for me to figure out and do are the most important and biggest things of all 8-/ ), and, the one I am about to embark on right now... finding the cheapest storage unit that I can! [Suggestions are welcome and accepted in the comment box below.]

Oh, and did I mention that THIS IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK!?! 8-D Well, I mean, obviously I'm going to have another job, but I really don't consider it a job since I'll be living in Spain, on the beach (where I am manifesting myself), and traveling extensively. As much as I love kids and think teaching them could be fun, I've gotta be honest, I'm only doing this so I can become fluent in Spanish and travel around Europe some more. Quite understandable I'd say! But anyways, yes, today is my last day working for Mr. Mickey Mouse! (Didn't you know? He's my direct supervisor!;) If I include the time I spent here as an intern last summer, I have put in 10 months at the Disney/ABC Television Group (DATG), and worked in three different departments in that short amount of time (Media Relations for Daytime & SOAPnet, Communications Administration, and Internal Communications/Events). It has been such a great learning experience for me, and I have many learned many things that will serve me well in my future endeavors. There have been many great people I've met, and I am going to miss their humor quite a lot. I couldn't have been more proud to tell people where I work during my time here, even a little embarrassed at times because it's so awesome!

But now, I will finally be taking my own advice, and setting off to live a life that will bring me more happiness than I can fathom! (Not that I haven't experienced happiness here, it is after all, part of the happiest place on Earth!) Traveling, getting exposed to other cultures, and learning from others unlike myself are my passions, and I will embark on a life full of just that in a few short weeks! It is without a doubt the scariest, riskiest option I could make at this time, but I know that means it's the right one. If it scares you, it's probably meant to be, because nothing good ever came too easy! (Forgive my blending of every quote and cliche into one.)

Today's Thought: I am proud of myself. I made the hard choice, and am actually, finally, really pursuing the life that I have wanted for myself since my return to the U.S. over two years ago. It's scary, it's a mystery, it's going to be nothing that I could begin to expect, but it's going to be worth it, and it's going to be the greatest adventure I've had so far. I encourage you all to do the same! Don't spend time doing things if you don't love them. If you do what you're passionate about, you are bound to be the best you can be, and do it better than anyone else (namely those who don't have a passion for whatever it is). We have grown up in a world that tells us the steps we're supposed to take, what counts and what doesn't, what has worth and what doesn't, and what's acceptable and what's not. Why? Why does it have to be this way? Break the mold, MAKE YOUR OWN REALITY! The path you were on before will always be there when you get back, go live!

That is all. Blessings, love, and light to each one of you!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm the A------

Well, I need to issue a huge apology to my management company and landlord. Yesterday I went on a bit of a rant about how frustrated I was that I wasn't hearing back from anyone, and that the clock is ticking. Let me just say this... stressed out and worried is NOT a good look or attitude on me. I get ugly, mean, and hateful, all things that I loathe and never want to be. But, I let my emotions and fears get the best of me, and this morning that all proved to be ridiculous and a bit melodramatic.

I spoke with my landlord this morning, and because of my circumstances, I am getting out exactly as I had hoped. So it goes without saying, that I recommend anyone who can, to use Hoffman Management. They are really great, and generally very responsive (this was a special case, so understandably it took a while longer than I had imagined it would). I feel like a total jerk for getting so worked up and making such a stink about it, but I am here to apologize, and take the slack for my inappropriate behavior and venting to the cyber-world.

With that being said, I would like to brag about the fact I have checked off another item from my to-do list! Yay! And so the forward progress continues!

Today's Thought: Things are going the way they should. I was kicking myself in the face this morning, having a sour mood, and it led to a series of annoying events. But when I got out of my car at work this morning, I told myself, "These things do not, in any way, determine today. They do not mean today will be bad. Today, will be great. I am in charge of how I feel, and today, I'm choosing to be happy!" And what do you know, the moment I pulled out my phone at my desk, my landlord had texted saying to call anytime today. So I called, and the news was better than expected (well, about what I had expected, because I had manifested the results of the call a few days ago:). They keep my deposit, and I'm pro-rating an amount for next month, but under $300... exactly what I spoke out loud was going to happen, and it has! Manifesting your life is so much easier than we think. You just have to think, believe, say, trust, and let it happen! Make your own reality!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Why is it that landlords and management companies (for the most part) make our lives so flipping difficult!? I realize that I am trying to get out of my lease very soon after signing into it, and that I probably should have found a place that was month-to-month, and that this is a really crappy move on my part to back out and leave them high and dry, and that I am signed into an agreement and somewhat bound by it, and everything else that one should and could realize in this situation, I have! But that doesn't change the fact that my circumstances have changed, and I can no longer pay the rent and live in the apartment.

I have been trying everyday since last Thursday to speak to someone about how we can handle me leaving, quiet as a church mouse, and have had no sort of conversation that would enable me to acquire any new knowledge. If you don't want to let me out of my lease, TELL ME, don't ignore my phone calls and texts and attempts to figure this out!

I made a Craigslist posting about the apartment yesterday to get a feel for how easy/difficult it might be to sublet, and had a very strong response. So, luckily, if I cannot be let out of my lease without some incredibly over-the-top fee and am forced to sublet to avoid said fees, it will not be a difficult task. And yes, for all of you (Hello? Are you out there??) wondering how I intend to deal with a sublet when I'm living out of the country, and thinking to yourselves that subletting probably isn't the wisest choice for me since I will be abroad and have difficulty dealing with such things, don't fret -- I've already thought of that too. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be developing new mountain ranges on my forehead with each day that passes, bringing me closer to the ever-dreaded first of the month (rent pay-day). I also wouldn't have reached out to my friends to see if they know anyone who needs a place down here. So cool those jets micro-managers, I've thought of everything....I think.

And that is the update on this situation. I have nothing else completed on my to-do list, but am going to call some storage places now to do some rate-hunting!

Today's Thought: Why do people have to make things so much more complicated than necessary? (And yes, I realize that I am often the difficult one, especially in this situation, but that's not the point.) I find myself making problems that aren't even there, worrying about things that are too far ahead for me to fathom, and generally over-thinking things so much that I make them ten times more complicated than they should be. WHYYYY!?!? We, my humanistic friends, have problems. Loads of em. But I don't say this to make us feel badly, what we realize, we can fix!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Pre-Spain Check List & Travel Tips

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be returning to Spain next month. I still don't know when I will be leaving exactly, but I know that there is A LOT of stuff I need to take care of before I can and do go. I thought that I would shed some light on all of the things that one should do before they decide to move abroad, either as an expatriate, or a traveler. Here is the list:

  • Figure out which city you will be living in, and
  • Get the forms and letter needed to get a visa. (Entirely dependent on the program, ~2 weeks.)
  • Get a visa (~2 week process)
    • Background check
    • Fingerprints 
    • Appointment at the Consulate
    • Other
  • Book a flight
  • Get out of current lease at lowest-possible-cost
  • Cancel electric/gas at apartment
  • Move belongings into a storage unit
    • Shop around for the lowest-cost-unit
  • Dental appointment for teeth cleaning
  • Orthodontist appointment to have bottom retainer put back on
  • Hair appointment for a long over-due hair trim
  • Go to my bank and inform them that I will be leaving the country, so they don't put any holds on my account while I am there or flag anything as irregular activity.
  • Go into AT&T (your service provider) and tell them you will be living in another country; try and see if there is a way to keep phone active, or determine costs/cancel service.
  • Visit family
  • Visit friends
    • Santa Barbara
    • San Francisco 
    • Sacramento
    • Chico
  • Pack up, and ship out!

So far I have done (items in bold above):
-Looked into storage units and written down several numbers to call and find out their prices (today's task).
-Called my housing management company to tell them I lost my job and have to move out (the truth, really). I am waiting to hear back from them, and have been calling everyday since Thursday to try and figure this out with them. I may have to resort to calling my landlord's cell phone if I don't hear back today, since rent is supposed to be paid on the first and I would not like to pay if I will not be living there.
-Arranged a dental cleaning appointment and orthodontist appointment. 
-Figured out how I will go about buying my flight over to Spain.

This list will vary depending on what you have planned (living/moving/traveling), but the visa, passport, and informing your bank and mobile provider are A MUST for everyone! Another suggestion for going overseas related to your bank came to me before I went abroad a few years ago, and that was, find out if your bank has a sister bank overseas. Sometimes there is a bank that you can go to in another country that you will not get the fees that normally come with withdrawing from a non-bank ATM. This can save you a huge amount of money in the long-run! I would also suggest pulling out the maximum amount of money that you can at once, to avoid getting those charges multiple times. Also, if you're going to be living somewhere for an extended period of time as I am, opening an account at a local bank that's spread throughout the country/continent/region is helpful too, for the same reason. I didn't do this when I went abroad, and regretted it. (I will be doing it this time around, and save myself hundreds of dollars in fees [cumulative over the months].) I was also told that having a bank card without the Visa symbol was good, because if your card was stolen, they couldn't use it for anything and everything because it's only good for taking money out at ATMs. My recommendation: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS! It was a horrible mess trying to do anything without having the Visa symbol on the card. I could only use cash, it wouldn't work online to buy flights, and I couldn't use it in any establishment. Big hassle, avoid it!

That's just the tip of the iceberg on travel tips I will be providing throughout this journey, stay tuned!

Today's Thought/Feeling: Content. I think I am moving in the right direction, and am feeling very close to God right now, so I feel very confident in my choices. It might change tomorrow or later today, but for now...feeling good!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Next Adventure

I think that this blog will come back to life in the coming month. I have made a decision to go back to Spain, this time as an expatriate. I will be living somewhere in Southern Spain (in the region of Andalucia) as an English teaching assistant.

Back in January I applied to the program, but I didn't find out I was placed until Friday, September 24. I then was given seven days to either accept or deny the offer, and after seven straight days of emotional turmoil, crying, thinking, praying, and debating, I accepted. The program starts on October 1st, but in true Spanish fashion, the process isn't very rushed (for them), so I will miss the orientation and almost the entire first month, but I will be there! Now I am waiting for them to get back to me with the details (city, stipend, etc), letter of acceptance, and all the forms I will need to get my visa. I spoke with a friend who has done the program before, and she said it can take around two weeks for them to get me these items. 8-/ Considering I'm already going to be late, this isn't news I wanted. Especially since after I get all of that, I still cannot leave until I have my visa (probably another couple weeks). I assume I will be on a plane in just under a month. It's scary as hell and very unexpected (I figured I wouldn't be placed since it had been so long and the program starts so soon), but it is an amazing opportunity that I have been manifesting since my tearful return from studying abroad over two years ago.

This was my plan -- when I graduated in December (2011) I told my parents that my plan was to work until the summer was over, then go to Spain. It didn't seem like it would actually happen at the time, because working for several months, then leaving and moving abroad doesn't usually line up too well. In my case though, it worked out perfectly. I worked a couple of temp jobs, and the one I'm in now ends this Friday (28th). God has aligned my stars, and it seems obvious that this is the next step I am supposed to take, but it doesn't make me feel any more certain of my decision to go.

I've been trying to figure out if it feels right (I'm big on trusting my gut and my feelings), and I still can't. One day I wake up excited about it all, the next, I am completely unsure and wondering if I've made the right choice. I don't think the emotional tug-of-war will end until I am there and settled. I am such an ambassador for traveling, doing things that scare you, and taking the big risks in life and doing things you've always dreamed of, but it's very hard to apply such heavy ideas to your own life, I've found. It's hard to leave behind people you love and care about, and it's especially hard to walk out of a relationship that has cultivated such a beautiful love. But as they usually do in my life, I believe the stars will continue to align.

Welcome, to my biggest adventure thus-far. :)

Today's Thought: What am I doing?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

From The Secret Daily Teachings
You must be happy now to bring happiness into your life through the law of attraction. It's a simple formula. Happiness attracts happiness. Yet people use so many excuses as to why they can't be happy. They use excuses of debt, excuses of health, excuses of relationships, and excuses of all sorts of things as to why they can't use this simple formula. But the formula is the law.
No matter what the excuse, unless you begin to feel happy despite it, you cannot attract happiness. The law of attraction is saying to you, "Be happy now, and as long as you keep doing that, I will give you unlimited happiness."
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions