Your Global Guide

My arms are open to the world.
My heart is open to her love.
My eyes are open to learn and grow.
My mind is open to expand and amaze.

Hello, hello there beautiful souls!! 
I'm so excited that you've taken some time to come and see my journey and perhaps join in! 
I'm Allison Fedor, and I'm your unconventional tour guide of the globe! 

I was born and raised in California, but have been living in Spain since January of 2012 as an English teacher and auxiliary. I have a lot of ideas for my life, but am living with one big plan: to not make any! I've learned it's the best way to be happy, and the key to living in the present moment. I want to travel the world with a backpack, live and work on organic farms, heal people through the power of Love, Light, and the Lord, and always embrace myself, as I am, where I am! I recently made a 5-year/life plan (contrary to what I just said, yes, but read it and you'll understand), and I'm very content and e x c i t e d with the direction my life is going! Join me on my unexpected adventures, and be sure to let me know if you're nearby and we can meet up for some good vibe tribe time!

There is so much I want to accomplish in life, I just need to figure out how
Welcome to my life, our adventure together begins now 

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