Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Why does the word "normal" even exist? It makes no sense to me how it could have come about and become a word that is applied so often in life. I am baffled actually. With so many different kinds of people in the world, how could anyone ever try and classify something as "normal?"

I always hear people talking about not having a normal family, but who is to say what's normal for a family? I think those postcard families that have the perfectly manicured lawns, the boy and girl who are beautiful, a dog and a cat, and their white picket fence are usually the furthest from normal. It's the homes where everything appears to be perfect that generally have the most issues, but like water polo, little happens on the surface. I think it's more normal to be strange, dysfunctional, and a bit off-beat. That is more normal to me than fitting into a cookie cutter mold of perfection (that's just eerie in my opinion).

When it comes to the way people dress, act, and look, normal should never even come up. So what she's wearing no shoes with a dress skirt and a crop top while rocking sunglasses covered with real daisies? What of it if they put Ketchup on everything they eat? And who are you to judge and glare at someone born with a disability? None of these things are abnormal, but instead normal within their own realms.

There is a huge problem in society these days with all of us thinking that the way we do things and think is the best, only, or "normal" way. It saddens me to know that so many people will never travel, because it is through traveling with an open heart that we gain the most valuable knowledge we could ever acquire -- an understanding and appreciation for differences, and the ability to look at things from many perspectives without forming judgement. There's no such thing as normal, only beautiful and wonderful differences that should be celebrated and embraced.

Today's Thought: Consider what it is that you think is normal in the ways of food, drink, dress, and actions. Now think about the fact that there are definitely some things that you think are normal that people around you (including myself) do not. See? There's no such thing as normal because we each have our individuality and see things in different ways. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MAJOR Changes

It's very strange to think back on the last year of my life and really take in all the big changes that have happened, especially considering how huge and, well, life-changing they have been and are -- I graduated from college (Dec 2011), MAJORMAJOR on the scale of tame to major; spent a couple months stagnant in Chico not doing anything but playing around and having fun with my friends, laaame (sorta, nah, worth it!); almost started taking classes to get my insurance licenses and become an insurance agent, interesting choice; decided to take a random trip to SoCal, which turned into me suddenly moving out of my Chico house, into my uncles' house, and living down here in LA for the last 5 months, pretty major and unexpected (Or should I say expected, because that is the general flow of my life occurences?); signed into a 1-year lease, when my current position is only secured until September, could be major, we'll see, but I've got faith; got myself a man, extremely major considering it's me and I was the anti-Christ of relationships and commitment; and fell in love, which major doesn't even begin to cover how huge that is for me, the girl who hated romance movies and thought "cute couples" were revolting. 

So overall 2012 has been a pretty MAJOR year for me, and there are still 5 months to go! Needless to say, I can't wait to see what happens. I know I have a bright and epic future ahead of me, and while I beg time to slow down a little, I also can't deny how excited I am to see what the big guy upstairs has in store for me and this life we are creating together. It's going to be beautiful. :)

Today's thought: Whenever you are feeling low, think about all the things you have and what you are grateful for, and if you think you have nothing, then you better wake up and be grateful that you can think and are alive, because that's more than a good amount of people out there!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thought A Lot

Thoughts are a really interesting thing -- they completely control your mood, what happens in your life, and can manifest, twist, change, and skip around in the most interesting ways.

This week I have been house and dog sitting for my uncles while they are on vacation, and a couple nights ago the most frightening thing happened: the alarm went off while we were inside the house. Sunshine (the dog) started barking and going crazy while the "someone broke into the safety deposit box safe at the bank" alarm went off, almost deafening me. I got it off, and she stopped barking, but that did not change the anxiety and fear from seeping in and taking over. Every room, closet, and hiding spot was checked for intruders, and all the doors were checked to see that they were still locked. I took comfort in knowing that since she was probably not barking anymore, there was likely nothing to fear, and I had probably just forgotten to turn the motion off inside the house. But as I laid there in bed, trying to fall asleep and not imagine that every little sound I heard was someone surely coming with a knife to kill me, I couldn't help but let my thoughts go to a fearful and dark place.

I envisioned a tragic murder scene in my head, and started to have thoughts of a conspiracy that must have been planned against me. I imagined that someone that comes to work on the pool, landscaping, yard, or house must have known they were gone and plotted with their family or friends to come and take advantage of their amazing home. I replayed every moment that had happened since I got home from work, each minute that the sliding door was unlocked and we were away from it, and those moments that it was open so Sunshine could come in and out. I pictured someone slipping in and hiding until we retreated to go to sleep. And during my wild imaginings, I was remembering all that I learned in "The Secret," which only led me to be more fearful because I knew that all my negative, bad, and harmful thoughts were manifesting and at some point would become a reality. But thankfully, I also know that positive thoughts act quicker than negative ones, and if you change your thoughts quickly, you can off-set the bad. It was quite a life-cycle of thoughts going on for hours in my head, and I was exhausted the next day, to say the least.

But through it all, I kept reassuring myself that everything was fine, and praying for protection. It's just crazy to realize the power that is held in our minds and our thoughts, so I would just like to remind you to keep them positive (and to watch "The Secret")! (Also Today's Thought.)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fat is Funny

I had a thought this weekend that disturbed me, and it had to do with body image and the ideas that society has about what is beautiful, what should be, and what is good looking. There was a billboard with an advertisement for Jonah Hills upcoming movie about cops (or something-a-ruther), and it struck a chord within me. Everyone I know has always found him to be very funny and entertaining, and most people I know, shamefully, including myself, have found him to be less funny since he has lost weight. It's ridiculous that we find people to be funnier when they are overweight, and then start to like them less when they decide to get healthy and take control of their weight, saying that "they were funnier when they were fat."

It's horrifying what society has become and the pressures we put on people to look a certain way and fit a certain mold. How can we possibly scorn people for being overweight and not taking care of themselves, but then someone like Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen lose weight (good for them!), and we suddenly find them less amusing? Their ability to be humorous has not changed, only their outer appearance, but instead of sending them air-fives, we sit there and wish they were bigger again. What's wrong with us? Where have we gone wrong?

I cannot believe that there is anyone other than Hitler that's ever lived, or will, that would rather see everyone the same. How boooorrrringg that life would be if there weren't different kinds of people, we cannot want that in the world. I'm down with all of us getting along and understanding each other, that would be incredible and lead to a peaceful world, but for all of us to have the same body type is a) IMPOSSIBLE, and b) annoying (everything you ever want to buy would be sold-out, you'd be tapping strangers shoulders thinking it's your friend even more than you do now [speaking to myself...], and we would look like a bunch of sexy robots walking around). Sure, I look at insanely thin girls and wish I was more like that, or a little more toned, or had different muscle construction so I could have more definition, but when it comes right down to it, I always look around and realize how wonderful it is that we're all different and are forced to accept who we are, and simply be the best that WE can be, not the best that we see in others.

We need to start placing more weight on how people act rather than on what they look like. Some of the most beautiful people are so in the most unconventional ways.

Today's Thought: Put yourself in their position, or if you've ever been in it, how can you ridicule another? Spread ONELOVE, and eliminate hate!


Friday, July 13, 2012

The Secret

Well hello old friends (and new)! I realize I have been doing some serious slacking in the writing department, and really shouldn't try to make any excuses, but since it's me, I'm going to anyways. :) It was a HUGE holiday week what with the fourth of July and all, and then I went home to help my dear grandmother celebrate her 90th birthday!

My darling lover, Cort and I getting our 4th on!

Grandma's little girls <333

But now that I'm done trying to excuse my laziness with my blog, I actually do have something very pertinent to say, and that is, "If you haven't watched 'The Secret,' you really need to do so!"

"The Secret" is all about the Law of Attraction -- it features people speaking about their experiences using it in their lives, and is one of the most inspiring films I have seen in a very long time. I have always known and believed in the Law of Attraction, and go through phases where I am manifesting a lot in my life, I even made a vision board last year and hung it above my bed, but I don't think I ever fully understood the depth to which it can work until this film. The stories these people tell are mind-blowing and so unreal, but so incredible! The entire time I was watching I could not stop smiling, and I have set some serious goals (along with made the firm decision to make a new vision board this weekend/upcoming week and put it above my bed again). And I will share a couple things with you right now, because I know with certainty that they are going to happen in my life, and that they will only become stronger and more powerful thoughts if they have been laid down. The big ones are as follows:
  • Visit my best friend in Australia this coming semester where she will be studying,
  • be a one billionaire in the next five years,
  • and be able to help support the food and water needs of two third-world countries.
These may seem like incredibly large goals, but I am living my life as if it has already happened, and I am looking at the end result. I suggest you all watch this film and begin to manifest, because its power is immeasurable and amazing. 

Today's Thought: How great is it that I am living my dreams and able to help others (because I am a one billionaire;)!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Age Matters

The more I talk to older people the more I realize that, at 20, you don't really know anything, not even as much as you think you do about yourself (which for me is very little, so I can only imagine how little I actually know based off this theory); at 30, you're starting to get the hang of it, but you're still young, hot, and having fun; at 40, you know a lot more about who you are, and can be pretty confident in what you know and decide, but you're also entering that crazy crisis time where you're freaking out about turning 40, (so don't trust yourself just yet); and at 50, you finally have got it down! This is mostly based off of a conversation I had with my uncle and their friend, in which she pretty much iterated everything I just re...iterated.

The good news is this: we (those of my age) can live the next, eh, 20 years or so in almost total ignorance, act younger than we should, and get away with it because no one over 35/40 is expecting much else anyways (woo-hoo, silver lining!).
The bad news: we have to wait (in my case) 27 more years until we really know what's up, not just with ourselves, but with life in general.

I know a lot of people tend to completely freak out about the idea of getting older, but I for one am really looking forward to aging. (I mean, I think after 65 I'll be ready to throw in the towel, because then things start to really get difficult, but anything prior to that seems just dandy.) Many people think that turning 30 is going to be the death of them, but I am stoked about 30! Just like I was beyond ready to turn 22 or 23 and be out of the 21-zone. Twenty-one is a great age because it allows us Americans to legally drink in our country, but actually being 21 is fairly overrated. You're a rookie, a total noob in the bar and club scene, but once you're 22 or 23, you have a sense of it all and people don't just look at you "as a 21-year old."

Yep, 30, 40, and even 50 I think will be amazing. I fully intend to be young, wild, and free my whole life, become a massive hippie-traveler and just explore the earth, and age will not limit that! Each year of my life has continued to get better, and better, and shows no signs of slowing down, so what reason would I have to dread more years to come? Exactly, I don't, and I thank the Lord for that every day! Especially when you consider all the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age. It's amazing to talk to older people and hear/see the difference. I genuinely would enjoy my life if I spent it solely around those who are 40-years and over. Plus, they're so much more sophisticated!

Age matters only in what you learn through the experiences you have in life, but I also know it is possible to be wise beyond your years. But for now, I will end with that, and likely retouch the subject in the near future (like probably tomorrow's post near-future;).

Today's Thought: Is life measured by the years you have lived, or the experiences you've had? I know some people who will surely grow old but have little to show for it because they haven't truly lived, and many young people who have knowledge that surpasses many older folks because they've done nothing but [live]. Interesting eh, how many options and ways things can be viewed?

Enjoi Life.