Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Room In Girona in Girona, Catalunya, Spain

I almost always prefer to couchsurf while I'm traveling, but I think that my trip to Catalunya a couple weekends back was supposed to be a fairly solitary one. Only two of the couch requests I sent got a response, and both people were out of the city that weekend. I went without making arrangements for a hostel, knowing I could find something. I checked hostelworld.com beforehand, and saw there were plenty of spots, so I decided to wait till I was ready to check in. 

Before I went, I looked online to find out where they were, and decided to go to the cheapest, nearest one. It happened to be Room In Girona, which is pretty much right on the river. I'm almost certain that if my room had a window or balcony facing the river, I'd have been able to see it. When I got there about 19h, the guy said that there were no more beds available in the shared dorms, and they only had private rooms. I asked how much the private room was, and he told me 42 euros. So I said, ok, no thank you, I can find a room somewhere else. It was then that he decided to cut me a deal, and told me that what they could do was charge me half price for the room, since it was late, and no one else would be coming for it anyways. (I think that maybe there were spots in the shared dorms, but he was trying to make a higher sale.) So, in the end, I paid the price of a 6-bed shared dorm, but had a queen-sized bed and large room all to myself. :) Thanks, God!

The place was more like a house/apartments than a hostel. The bathroom was for everyone, but it was so big, clean and nice, I felt like I was in a home more than a place I was renting for the night!

There was also a kitchen, common room, and laundry room, and breakfast was included. The breakfast included cheese, slices of meat, Spanish omelette, fruit, yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, and a variety of carbs. All of this, in combination with an incredibly nice and helpful staff, definitely left me with a good impression, and ability to recommend the place to anyone who wants a reasonably priced place that's well located. It was no more than 10 minutes to walk to the train/bus station from there, and since it's right on the river, you have easy access to all the city. 

Room In Girona, thank you for a great stay!

Barri Vell (Vell neighborhood)
C/ Santa Clara, 9
3rd Floor
972 426 480 / 678 177 916

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