Thursday, August 2, 2012


We all want to be individuals, but I can't help but think that none of us really are. There's no such thing as "original" anymore -- everything is borrowed, expanded, altered, and interpreted. But before I continue, I should probably specify that I am writing this with fashion and style in mind. THIS is a fashion blog/website I look at frequently. Guys and gals post to it photos of their outfits, and it's a great place to get outfit inspiration and see what others are doing to dress around the world. (And can I add, that through this site I have learned that Polish women are astoundingly beautiful!? Annoyingly so.) But something that it has made me realize is that even the people who seem to have the most individualistic style fit into a category with others. Now, the purpose of this post is not to be negative, sad, or detract from how much style people really have, just a simple observation and thought that came to mind.

The more I think about it, the more I begin to realize how much we like labels. If we can justify, explain, and categorize, it makes it easier to remember, understand, and explain. This is a fairly sad truth, because it means that we cannot simply accept things as they are, but instead must try and decipher and explain everything in life. And we absolutely love to negatively categorize in an attempt to make ourselves feel better. I'll be the first to admit that I am fascinated by shows like "My Strange Addiction," "Hoarders," and "Duck Dynasty" because the people are so completely different than myself (for the most part;).  But I think I will not dive to deep into this, as I see it becoming a post of its own. So, back on track (to which I should add: after approximately two months off my A.D.D. medication, I have been back on it since last Monday and intend to write blournal [blog/journal] entries about its reappearance in my life)...

I think it is very common these days for Millenials to strive to be an individual. There are many who just conform and follow the trends so they can fit in and get along with similar people, or are too young to have yet developed a mind of their own, but I also think that we all want to define who we are separate from everyone else. We are individuals and we would like to be classified accordingly, but when the world of fashion is a melting pot, that is very hard to do. Every style that ever has been can be found in recent times to some extent. It amazes me that new styles emerge each season at all. And while I rejoice at this fact because it means that we can pretty much wear whatever we want and it is acceptable and fashionable in some way, it also means that it is very hard to define your style and have it be different from someone else that comes along. I can think about each of my friends and know distinctly what their style is, but know that there is someone else in the world with that same style too.

My personal style is a huge combination of hippie, boho, indie, rocker, classic, relaxed, European and sometimes even chic, but just because I don't always fit into one solitary category doesn't mean I am an individual. We are blessed with the ability to look back and pull ideas and inspiration from those who came before us, and imagine what it will be like for those that come after us. I love fashion, so all of this is very exciting to me, but as someone who likes to be unlike any other, it's hard to accept that I might not be as much of an individual as I think.

My thought: I don't want to follow trends, I want to make them! Always look at what is being done, and think about how you can give it your own twist!

Please note: I'm not saying that we aren't each our own person capable of expressing ourselves, just that even those who have "stranger" styles are not alone. And before I keep thinking of counterarguments to myself, I will publish and walk away.

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