Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who the Heck am I!?!

Realization: I'm 23-years old, I'm not supposed to know who exactly I am, what exactly it is that I want, be able to make up my mind completely, or know what exactly it is that I want to do for the rest of my life!

I think anyone who is this young and knows what they want to do either a) is lucky and have discovered their destiny early-on, or b) haven't gone out into the world with an open-mind, heart, and eyes and realized how much is out there, let alone experienced enough to make that decision. There are so many things to see, be, and do, why not try to do it all?

Why do most of us conform to the rules and guidelines set forth by those who came before us? Why is it expected for people (referring to those in the U.S. of A.) to go to Preschool, Kindergarten, little grades (like that title, huh?:), middle school, junior high, high school, college, post-grad studies if needed, and then work for [now] 60-70 straight years? That is BULL SHIT. (Forgive my French, but this is some seriously messed up stuff we're dealing with.) Who decided that was the system and expectation we would conform to? Probably a bunch of intelligent people back in the day who realized that if they didn't put us through a system that would make up our minds and lives for us, we'd run around wild and free and actually realize all the shady stuff they're doing behind our backs with our country and with the world! There is no way that anyone without some sort of ulterior motive would actually decide that that would be the steps of life, why would they? I doubt they had to make their decisions based on whether or not they fit that mold, so of course it didn't affect them. They were probably well-aware of how crummy the whole idea was, but decided, "Hey, it's not what I have to do, and this way these dumb dumbs will never know what's really going on." (Cue evil laugh here.)

I understand that the people who generally reach the highest heights of their careers are the ones who have been in the business the longest, because that's how you learn and become the best at anything, and that's great for those people who want to spend their whole lives doing the same thing. But for myself, I prefer a life that allows me some room for adventures, exploration, and the unexpected. College was a prime example to me that you can't really learn as much when you're confined by the walls of a building. (Unless it's the walls of a bar, then you can learn a whole lot -- about people, behavior, intentions, and just about anything else, even the stuff they try and teach you in a classroom!)

The whole point is that we need to stop being and doing what everyone expects of us. It's my life and I should be allowed to spend it how I want to, doing what I love, and not have to fit into some cookie cutter mold that was decided for me. And to clarify, this all stems from my realizing that no matter how much I want to be different, be my own person, and be an individual, I am exactly what the schools, systems, and media wants me to be -- an impressionable consumer, a trend follower, and blinded for so long by things that don't matter, so I won't notice what's really happening. But you know what, I've realized it and am going to rebel against the system. It's time for an awakening, and I think a lot of other people are figuring that out too. The coming years will be good. We may end up living in a post-modern hell, but at least we'll be living in a real world. BRING IT!

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