Friday, October 18, 2013

Los Pueblos Blancos: Cortelazor

This past Sunday I finally took advantage of one of the coolest groups in Sevilla: Senterismo Sevilla. A friend told me about this group many months ago, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I added them and decided it was time to take advantage of what they have to offer, and I am so pleased that I have!

Each Sunday there is a hike organized, and so long as there are enough drivers, people go. I planned to go on the hike a couple weeks ago, but ended up having a pretty nasty allergic reaction to something I ate the night before, and had to cancel. But, I am not bothered by that at all, because this Sunday I went on the senterismo (hike), and it was magical!

We met up here in Sevilla (a friend and I + three other people), and then drove for about an hour to a village named Cortelazor. And when I say village, I mean a real village. Like, teeny tiny, less than 350 people living in it village. There are actually only 325 residents in Cortelazor, to be exact.

Many European countries are loaded with villages, and Andalucia happens to be home to a very high number of beautiful little villages. There is a particularly well-known part of Andalucia that is called Los Pueblos Blancos, or The White [Hills] Towns. A name which I think requires no explanation, but an area that I highly suggest you visit if you ever find yourself in our lovely southern region. And just like the other white hills towns I have seen, Cortelazor was charming as could be.

In order to get to the starting point of the hike, we had to go on a little tour of the village. Which in reality means we probably saw about 50% of it just by walking on the two or three streets. ;) The town itself has wonderful vibes, but it's the views and landscapes you have in these villages that really make them something special.

The hike itself was rated as being a fairly easy hike, but I would recommend you don't go on it if you are opposed to some mild rock climbing, inclines, and incorporating your hands to nature in order to get around. It was only a 6km hike, and the time went so fast, that when we got to the end we were all a bit surprised. But the route is really amazing, and quite the adventure! You end up doing some light crawling and clawing around, but then you find yourself hiking along a stream in the middle of a forest. It is peaceful, beautiful, and a perfect opportunity to recenter surrounded by various lifeforms. And let's not forget about the waterfall and pools that you arrive to at the end of the route!

 The most amazing moss-covered rocks and trees line and cover the entire route. It feels like you are trekking through the world of fairies and tree people.

Overall, the trip was great. I really look forward to returning to Cortelazor and doing the hike again when the spring comes so I can jump into the pools and swim around in the waterfalls. I loved the village, and I always love the people in villages, so I know I will return again during my stay here in Sevilla. 

Thank you Senterismo Sevilla, Cortelazor, and God for a beautiful Sunday spent outside!

Travel Tip: If you go to Cortelazor and do not intend to do a hike (there are various routes you can do in the village since it is situated in the hills), I would recommend just going for an hour to walk around, stop and have a drink or lunch, and then continue on to your next destination. It is a place that's worth seeing, but since it is so small, not much time is needed there. Unless you find some special souls to pass the day with, then by all means scrap whatever you were thinking of doing next and enjoy the moment! :)

Blessings, Love & Light, and as always, sending sweetness to you all!

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