Friday, October 18, 2013

Why Waste a Day? Why Waste a Life?

I think one of the greatest parts of our journeys here on earth lies in figuring out our passions and finding ways to incorporate them into our daily lives, if not make our lives completely center around and serve these passions. It is not an easy task, as the societies many of us live in want to crush our creativity and make us all one in the same. However, it can be done. There are many people who have followed their hearts and are wildly successful.

I should clarify that when I refer to being successful, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with money. We have grown up thinking that how much money you make determines how successful you are, and that is such a crock of crap. Success could better be defined as living your life with purpose, passion, and drive; and being full of joy in nearly every moment you pass through. Money has so little to do with happiness, contrary to what many think. The richest are often the most miserable, and the poorest most joyful.

Here's an example: 

This summer I was living with a small portion of my wardrobe. I woke up, looked at what I had to put on, and generally put on something I'd worn twice already that week. But did I care? Did it bother me? Did I feel like less of a person or part of the world? NO, not at all! So far from it! And you know what else? No one else cared or commented either. Now, back in Sevilla with all the clothes I have this side of the seas, I find it makes the process of getting dressed more stressful and frustrating. Instead of just reaching in, grabbing, and going, I consider, look, and spend time having to try and care when I could spend it doing more valuable things (ie. reading, writing, exploring, praying, talking, sharing my moments). Bottom line: having more doesn't necessarily mean you have or feel more.

So why do so many people spend their days in jobs they hate? Living in a town they can't stand? Sharing their time with people with whom they feel no connection or interest? Or wasting their days in a situation that doesn't make their souls happy and hearts smile? I will tell you why... it's comfortable. But you know what? Comfort is overrated. Highly, highly overrated. And there is a quote that wraps it up perfectly, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." (Neale Donald Walsch) 

We are living in a day where the days seem to pass quicker than they ever have before. The pace of life only continues to move faster, and we're left on the 18th of the month thinking, "How did we get here already?" It's freaky, it's weird, and I do not really like it. Every morning I write in my journal to God. I tell Him things I'm thankful for, things on my mind, or a small review of what is going on in life at the time. And even though each morning I write the date, I never cease to be amazed at how quickly it seems I'm writing the next one.

One morning I realized that the only reason why it freaks me out that they pass so fast is because I am not fully satisfied with the way I lived the day before. If I was living each day full of passion and love, then I would never be panicked that I'm already putting down the next day's date. I would be excited, happy, proud, and ready for the day, knowing that the goodness I'd put into the previous one was going to carry on, into, and through the now.

This is all part of the practice of being happy in the moment, no matter what that moment might be. A practice that we must actively work with each and every moment we're alive. The hardest possible practice we could ever take up, but the most beneficial. Because if we can master the art of just being happy and loving no matter what, we have acquired the key to life, and success, the real kind. So let's all take a vow, to do a better job at being, a better job at loving, and giving our best to really living each day fully and happily!

If you knew tomorrow you would die, would you be okay with that? Would you be ready to go? Satisfied with the time you've spent and the things you've done? I know I'd be pleased, but not completely satisfied. And that is what I am vowing to work on each day -- I want to be fully alive, and utterly satisfied!

Wishing you the best and brightest on whatever endeavor you're currently conquering, and hoping that it might be life! :)

Blessings, Love & Light, sweet souls <3

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