Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Little Lesson

Such a blessed thing and a beautiful lesson....

One day while we were at the stables after riding, the 9-year old grandson of the man with the horses, dropped his muffin wrapper on the ground. I immediately said, "Noooo. No, no, no." And told him to throw it in the trash. Then I went on to tell him that we have to take care of the Earth, she's our Mother, and we live here, so we have to take care of her. Especially with all the animals around at the farm, plastic on the ground is bad, because the chickens can eat it and die. He listened, started to make some half-way developed excuses, stopped, and then started a new conversation when I was finished preaching.

Well, yesterday a friend came by, the same one I go riding with, and he said that Adrian (the boy) was telling his grandpa how he still thinks about and remembers what I told him about taking care of the Earth and not throwing trash on the ground. !!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even think that he would listen and hold onto what I'd said, let alone repeat it back out to people weeks later!

Sometimes, the things you tell another person can fall flat on the floor, but when they stick, they stick for good, and can impact and change their entire life and way of living. And sometime, we may be speaking with the hope that someone's listening, and it turns out they're soaking up every word! It's not just a lesson in passing on bits of wisdom and teaching lessons, but a lesson in teaching the right ones, with the right words, and the right emotions/energy. Everything we say has an impact, so speak words of kindness, support, love, and encouragement, and keep the mental plain a positive place!

I love you all, I hope you change someone's life today and share some light! <3

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