Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anyone Alive Out There?

Oh my lanta (as my dear friend, Courtney, would say)! It has been quite a while since I have created a new post. I realize that this is certainly not the way to be a successful blogger, but geez, did school catch up and take over for a bit there! This week I had 3 exams, 2 quizzes, a presentation, and 2 homework assignments! PHEW, it's almost over! And when it is, my aforementioned friend will be in Chico for a weekend full of play time and fun! She is returning from Florida, where she now lives and acts as a "grown up." If you can really call doing an internship at Walt Disney World adult. Ah, we can, but resist to do so because of the immense feelings of jealousy we have that it is not us who gets to go work in the magical land every day!

With thoughts of last weekend (Halloweekend), this weekend that is soon to commence, and next weekend (Tahoe trip w/ about 25) filling my head, it is a wonder and a half that I was even able to scrape by in the last couple of weeks!

Halloweekend, now renamed All-Hallows-Geek-in-d, was quite an event! I wish that I had my trip odometer set so I could give you the exact amount of miles that I drove in the 4.5 days period, but here is what happened:
  • Left Chico on Thursday afternoon after a job try-out (and yes, don't fret my friends, I DID get the yob:) and drove to SF. It was here that I reunited with my BFF lovebug from high school and went out for sushi/drinks with her and a few others. The night was incredible! So full of fun and laughter, just what the doctor ordered after the stressful week that had been. And such a lovely reminder of why she is my OG (in this case, ORIGINAL) loverrrr! But all good things must come to an end, and so we move on to Friday.
  • Picked Molly up at the BART station and we left at 7 AM (!!!!!!) for Santa Barbara! Amazed that we actually rallied and got our butts on the road at the early time we had hoped, but we did it, and it was glorious! No traffic (thank you, carpool lane!), and made it into SB by 12:30, where we spent the day enjoying the sun, looking at the wild people of the city partying, and making Molly and Dani's costumes for the following night.
  • It was later that night that we left for LA, went and stayed with my wonderful friend downtown, watched him DJ at a Halloween party, and woke up and left LA for San Bernardino at 10:30!
  • Made it to San Bern, got ready for the rave, and then went on to enjoy one of the most incredible nights any of us had had in too long, at Escape From Wonderland!

What an awesome group, eh? We saw ourselves some Thomas Gold, Steve Angello, Paco Osuna, Benny Benassi, Afrojack, Pendulum, R3hab, Dash Berlin, Dimitri Vega & Like Mike, ATB, Moguai, Tritonal, and Cedric Gervais (in no particular order). It was a night to be remembered forever. So many positive vibes and smiles! A night that we will want to re-live for years to come!  The crowd was incredible, and I was so pleased not to run into anyone who was there to cause trouble and be a total pain in the arse. The feeling that night was one of happiness, joy, and the most important things..peace and love :) 

  • After the rave, we went back to our friends' hotel to hang out and wind down before making the drive back to LA. Sadly, when we left to return to LA, we hit some serious traffic that was the result of a MAJOR car accident. We watched from a distance as someone was airlifted by a helicopter and rushed to emergency care. Those involved are still very much in my heart and prayers, and I hope so much that you have come out strong! But after much traffic and stopping, we made it to Glendale at 6am! Woo! Showered, chilled, slept. 
  • Woke up at 13:30, got ready, got food, and hit the road once more back to SB to drop off Dani. Then onto Lafayette, and finally back to the city where it all started, SF for one more night of sleep and hang-time with close friends.
And now we are here, back in Chico, living life, excited and happy about what has happened, and what is to come. But now my dear friends, I must end this post, as my class is going to be over soon ;)

Today's quote: "But when you get music and words together, that can be a very powerful thing." -Bryan Ferry

Have a great day, and I will become more consistent with my posts (this week's goal:)

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