Sunday, November 27, 2011

Casi, Casi

I should probably begin by explaining the chosen title for this entry... 

"Casi" in Spanish means "almost," and has been chosen for tonight's title because I am CASI done with my application for NALCAS (North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain)!!! YAY!! After much procrastination and internal debate, I am finally almost finished with the thing and can then wait, impatiently, to hear about my acceptance. I have just a few things more to do, but hope to have it all completed by the end of the week (I am giving myself till the end of the week because part of the application involves submitting a reference letter, the writer of which is still undecided). 

ADD Drift: Is it appropriate to ask someone (who I would like to write the letter) on a scale of 1-10, would they make me seem like an 11, or below a 7? I assume so, but since I tend to go against the grain and do things in an unconventional way, I can also assume that when I decide to ask my professor, I will also ask where he would rank me. Whoops ahead of time? I think not! ;)

And here we go...

I would like to start by saying that I think I owe it to my vision board that I have become so directed! (Either that, or my medication has been in my bloodstream for enough days that it actually is having an affect?) No matter where the credit be due, I am happy as a clam that I feel so "on track!" And what you may wonder is a vision board? The answer is simple! I got the idea from the ABC show "Happy Endings," a truly wonderful and comic show I might add! 

ADD Drift: Simply writing the three letters "a" "d" and "d" next to one another only make me think of attention deficit disorder/A.D.D., and not the word "add." I read it as "a" "d" "d," and am left feeling strange, like I am referring to my blog or something. Therefore, I will probably make my use of the word "add" very minimal in order to avoid getting bugged out in my own head.

Back to the explanation of a vision board... What you do is take a poster board of some sort, and on it you put pictures or words of the things that you want for/in your future. It is supposed to give you some sort of visual inspiration, and ultimately the goal is for everything on the board to come true. And this ladies and gentleman, is mine!!

Quite a beauty, ain't she? ;) But really, I've pinned it to the ceiling right above my bed... That way, every night when I go to sleep, and every morning when I wake up, and any random time I check the vent to ensure that it is pumping out heat (when we actually decide to start using the dang thing), I will see it and be reminded of the things I want in my life (at least the things I want in my life this week.. =/). Pero en serio (but seriously), every time I look at it I get this feeling within that just lets me know:

  • I have a plan
  • I have goals
  • And I will accomplish everything I want to in this life! 
  • As well as remind me that I want to make a positive change in the world and help guide it into a peaceful direction. 

I highly suggest this approach to anyone who is feeling a little confused, lost, defeated, unsure, or even if you think you are completely satisfied with your life-- MAKE A VISION BOARD! Maybe it works so well for me because I am an avid list maker and love to watch the things on my "to do" list dwindle away as I ferociously cross them off (sometimes ferociously, others with a smug look of satisfaction as though to say, "HAHA, item! I have taken care of you!").

Yes, yes dear friends, life is good. I feel good and am keeping negative thoughts at bay. Even though finals are upon us and I have a term paper due on Thursday, I am cool as a cucumber and know that everything will work out. I just can't think about the term paper, or the fact that I have yet to even figure out a book to write about and read. YIKES! But it is alright, I have the best teammate around, and He and I will conquer all! 

But now, Dan Gibson's "European Spa" CD has come on my iTunes, and I am drifting away to the land of waterfalls, pianos, and harps! Good night my avid readers, and thank you as always for the soon-to-come support :)

Today's Quote: "Life is good with God!"

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