Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Why is it that landlords and management companies (for the most part) make our lives so flipping difficult!? I realize that I am trying to get out of my lease very soon after signing into it, and that I probably should have found a place that was month-to-month, and that this is a really crappy move on my part to back out and leave them high and dry, and that I am signed into an agreement and somewhat bound by it, and everything else that one should and could realize in this situation, I have! But that doesn't change the fact that my circumstances have changed, and I can no longer pay the rent and live in the apartment.

I have been trying everyday since last Thursday to speak to someone about how we can handle me leaving, quiet as a church mouse, and have had no sort of conversation that would enable me to acquire any new knowledge. If you don't want to let me out of my lease, TELL ME, don't ignore my phone calls and texts and attempts to figure this out!

I made a Craigslist posting about the apartment yesterday to get a feel for how easy/difficult it might be to sublet, and had a very strong response. So, luckily, if I cannot be let out of my lease without some incredibly over-the-top fee and am forced to sublet to avoid said fees, it will not be a difficult task. And yes, for all of you (Hello? Are you out there??) wondering how I intend to deal with a sublet when I'm living out of the country, and thinking to yourselves that subletting probably isn't the wisest choice for me since I will be abroad and have difficulty dealing with such things, don't fret -- I've already thought of that too. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be developing new mountain ranges on my forehead with each day that passes, bringing me closer to the ever-dreaded first of the month (rent pay-day). I also wouldn't have reached out to my friends to see if they know anyone who needs a place down here. So cool those jets micro-managers, I've thought of everything....I think.

And that is the update on this situation. I have nothing else completed on my to-do list, but am going to call some storage places now to do some rate-hunting!

Today's Thought: Why do people have to make things so much more complicated than necessary? (And yes, I realize that I am often the difficult one, especially in this situation, but that's not the point.) I find myself making problems that aren't even there, worrying about things that are too far ahead for me to fathom, and generally over-thinking things so much that I make them ten times more complicated than they should be. WHYYYY!?!? We, my humanistic friends, have problems. Loads of em. But I don't say this to make us feel badly, what we realize, we can fix!


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