Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Dedication of Love & Light

Very early this morning a beloved soul was lost to its original realm. It's always such a sad thing when a person dies, and it really reminds you how fast it can all change. In an instant, someone who's hand you could hold one day, is gone. Life is a very precious gift we have been granted, and it shouldn't be taken for granted. In light of this, I automatically think about what would happen if one of my best friends died, or if I died. Would there be things left unsaid? Would I have wished I made it more clear how important they were? Of course. So I have decided to write this post as a way to honor the life that was lost, by honoring those that still remain, with words of love, appreciation, and gratitude.

This is for all of my family, my friends, my kindred spirits, and opposing forces. 
It goes out to all those who I have loved, those I still do love, and those I might never be able to love. 
For all those counterparts to my being, and all those negative forces that make me stronger through the fight...

I LOVE YOU. I may not say it enough, I may not have said it ever, and you may not know, feel, see, or believe, but know now, that I love you so very much.

Even those of you who have never been very close to me, your time in my life was by design. I may not figure out or know why until further down the line, or ever, but there are no chance encounters in this life, and I thank you for the brief time you might have spent in mine. I cannot wish you anything but the best, no matter if you've treated me the worst. Be blessed! <3

And then there are those of you who have most certainly made your mark on my life. Those of you who I've been able to call a friend, and share some unforgettable, or completely unmemorable times with. If we've ever shared a laugh, a cry, or a moment at all, you have played a special role in my life, and given me something that many live without -- connection. Thank you so much for being a smile, and to you, all the happiness there is! <3

For those who have transcended the level of friend, and become family, I adore you. We are the family that we chose. We are lucky in life if we love the family we're born into, and given a beautiful opportunity to choose our own while we're here. I can't explain how happy I am we've found each other, and mutually decided, by the power vested in our souls, to spend the rest of our lives linked. It is because of you that I know love, share love, and love love. It is because of you that I am complete. Without you I would feel lost, without knowing why. Without you, my days would hold little meaning, and I would have no one to rely on. I would feel completely and utterly inhuman. You are gems, salt of the earth, the brightest shining stars, and the most glorified of all humans. You are a part of my soul. We are a greater collective being when we are together. The unconditional love that is shared is pure, it's rare, and it's the way we're meant to live. I can cry so easily when I think of you. To know we're so physically apart tears up my insides, but then I remember we're all just a bunch of souls, and then I shed tears of joy to know how special you are and that I am blessed enough to call you mine, and know the love I feel for you is reciprocated. Thank you for giving me a greater purpose, and making my life so much brighter and lighter! <3

And for the family I was born into: I am a lucky one. To have come to a place of such great love for the family that God placed me with, it's rare, it's lovely, and it's so beautiful. Each year of my life that passes makes me appreciate and understand you more. My love only grows, deepens, and becomes more pure towards you as the time passes on. You are all special, freaky, and a little bit off your rockers in your own ways, and I wouldn't change that. We are a crazy family, and I am so glad. What an eclectic group of people. Thank you for always supporting me in all the off-beat decisions that I make, and never trying to make me feel like I can't do what my heart and soul tell me to do. To know that I have the support system I do in you overwhelms me. I am so blessed and grateful for your presence in my life.

I cannot express enough the love I feel for you, humanity. What would we be without other people? We would be such lost souls on earth, trying, searching, needing, seeking that connection, and always finding temporary satisfaction in something, but never for long enough to quench the thirst. Our souls and our purpose is to connect and to love, and I am so grateful to each and every one of you for giving me the chance to fulfill my life's purpose with you.

Your beauty isn't something you can know, because it must be observed from the outside. But trust me when I say, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

Please, hug as many people as you can, kiss as many as you can, love as many as you can and then some, and never, ever let the people in your life go for long without knowing how important they are to you!

Thank you, Will, for inspiring a generation, and being part of our soul family. I wish I'd been blessed with time to really get to know you, but the soul doesn't need time to know. I'm so excited for you to be able to no longer be bound in the physical world, and instead rocket around as a soul! Now, more than ever, you really are, A Time Traveling Diamond! To a lifetime in another realm<3 

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