Friday, April 19, 2013

The Battle Field is Blazing... Within.

It's a bit of a conflict I'm feeling today with what I am doing with my life -- on the one hand, I am living my dreams, making my own reality, sharing myself with people, loving, living, and taking advantage of each and every moment of this beautiful life I've been gifted. It's wonderful, it's incredible. I'm doing, seeing, being, and living in a way that many people only dream of, or are too scared to live, think they don't deserve, or don't think they can have. I feel blessed every single day of my life, say thanks to God many times a day, and am living in a perpetual state of happiness (aside from those human moments where less pleasurable emotions surface and momentarily take hold). I feel like I am living the way we were intended to live -- free, roaming, wandering, wild, curious, and not by the book. And because I feel this way, I know my vibrations and frequencies have a greater impact, a better impact, and just generally are projected in a more positive way than they would be if I was working 40 hours a week from a cubicle. So, because of all this, I feel like I am doing my duty to the earth by living the life I want and making it my own instead of theirs. I consider that because I am doing this, I can reach my full potential, do what I am intended to do, and I am not harming the energy of the Universe by suppressing my dreams and letting them remain as just that.

But, on the other hand, I see what is going on back in the country I am physically from, and I cry because I feel like I am off living this lovely life of adventure, and not doing my duty to my homeland by being there to try and impact and awaken those at home who are rapidly approaching a government-induced death, illness, or things of the like. I had a moment this morning where I really thought, "What am I doing here? I need to go home right now! I need to be there, I have to help my family, my friends, the souls there who are perishing without even realizing it! There's so much work to be done there, a horrible fate is quickly coming, and I'm just over here traveling around and loving all the time. I must return home at once and become more involved, do more, be more, help more!" Of course the Ego makes me think that I am important enough that simply by going home and trying to work on things there it will help a lot, but you know what, it's the I Am that says YOU ARE. You Are valuable enough, your impact great enough, and every single soul counts so much! And because I think and feel this way, it makes it really hard for me to know that I am just over here, living my dreams, and not helping to try and save the land I love and the people in it.

Do you see now why I am conflicted? (Do you have a similar conflict? I'd love to hear about it and share in this human moment with you -- comment below!)

Although, in writing this just now, as usually happens, I have realized something greater that I had not considered before (thank you blog for serving as a self-therapist once more) -- there are no borders, there are no countries, we are not from one country, we are children of the EARTH. I am an Earthling, not an American! We are all connected through natural energy that seeps out of us and into the Universe, and because we are all one, it would be crushing the Universe for me to not live my dreams. By me living the life I love, I am happy and I put out that frequency into the world. It has affects I can't begin to understand or know, and if I were to be living an unsatisfactory life, I would be putting out negative frequencies that would harm instead of help. I would be adding to the problem.

So I guess that by me being here and trying to repost things, ignite the fire in others, share things I think are critical for us to know and consider, and by living a life that causes me to project love and light on the world, I am doing what I can. Of course there is so much more to be done, and I intend to take it to the next level, but baby steps.. :) It is still really hard to know that there are really awful things brewing back home though and that so many people I care about are there to suffer, whether realized or not. (Please friends, souls, everyone, look into what you can do, what's going on, and come together peacefully to take back our country!)

Remember: You are matter, and YOU MATTER! Your impact goes far beyond the distance we can see, so please, send out thanks, blessings, love, and light as much as possible (aka all the time:)! You're lovely, I love you, shine on!

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