Tuesday, April 23, 2013

OMFG, Dude, Rave!

Alright, yesterday's post was all serious and enlightening and stuff, so today, I'm taking a different angel..

I just watched the trailer for HARD Summer, and it legitimately made me fall back in love with raving. and remember why I loved it in the first place -- DANCE DANCE DANCE your face off, love everyone around you, and womp TFO. I realize that I am in Europe right now, where the parties literally don't stop till six [seven, eight, nine, whenever] in tha morn', and there are loads of EDM events, BUT that does not mean that Bassnectar, FlyLo, Crystal Castles, SBTRKT, Justice, XXYYXX, 2 Chainz, Azealia Banks, Dillon Francis, Breakbot, Empire of the Sun, and some select others will all be on the same bill.

Ok, yeah, chances are I can get all of them at any given event here, but not a single line up that I've seen for any fest happening this side of the sea this season has the Nectar on it, and let's face it, he's my all-time-bass-baby-everything-anything-whomp-a-doodle-scratch-skirt-whatever-love, so, therefore, #notsatisfied. And YES I just threw down a hashtag in a blog post // am being a total whiny little b-word about all this, in spite of the fact I am living my dreams overseas and whatnot. WHATEVS. A girl is allowed to get like this every once in a while and completely ignore the blessings around. ;)

(PS. If any of you lovely people know of an event that can deliver me that lineup, please pass the name along! Thank you, namaste <3)

America, you crazy, messed up, nutty-but-wonderful place you..enjoy that s---! Carry me there in spirit and send me videos of you wobble-ing out!

This probably is all stemming from the fact that the last two weekends were Coachella weekends, and I had to live through endless posts on all forms of social media about it. (Seriously, especially to my friends that went both weekends...good on you, and I am real jelly.) Also stemming from the fact that Lightning in a Bottle is practically just around the corner, and most of my festi fam is going to be there, and it pretty much changed my life last year, and this year I can't go, and waaahhhh!! Annnddd, I just need to rrrreeeeelaaaxxx and remember that now it's festival season, and my time will come again soon. (But can't at least some of my fam come on out here to get down with me EU-fest-style??)

Now that I've gotten that out of my system (but really, I feel so much better, and this is not webcasm [web-sarcasm]), I will share the trailer with you all that got my yoga pants in a bunch, because, I think it is clever as heck, and if it has the power to make me want to actually go to a rave again, then it's pretty heavy (in my opinion)...

People in the EDM world, try and tell me that's not a really clever and well-done trailer? One of the best I've seen. I like the blend of the dogs representing the artists (especially the beautiful blonde representing Bassnectar, I LOL-ed, like, for real, like, on that one...like), and the showing of the fest itself. Fine job to the editors.

Gah, I'm gushing PLUR all over the place now! I don't know

<< Blerppp..ADD Drift: I think just thinking about raves made me go e-tarded for a second, because instead of actually writing out "I don't know," like a good writing girl should, I wrote "Idk," at first, and then used periods instead of commas. WOW! FACEPALM, shaking my head, and all the rest of those things that have become normal things for us to say thanks to Twitter. >> 

But as I was saying... I don't know why I turned into such an old-raver-fogie-hipster for a while there and was hating on the scene, but now, I am back in love! But, that's also easy to say when I'm not at an event surrounded by people whose eyes are in the back of their heads, I have no room to dance, and the people who made the set times put all the people I really want to see on at the same time. (Another facepalm.) I guess the last four or five times I've gone and left thinking, "I'm over this scene, it's no longer for me, I'm not going to another rave anymore, just camping events that have more aspects than EDM (art, yoga, meditation, sustainability, etc)," weren't enough to really ward me off, because I want to go to a rave again! Ah! Haha. So easily swayed am I! What a perfect specimen of predictability. >.<

But really, that trailer just made me think peace, love, unity, and respect so hard, that I think I need to test myself at a rave once more! (Yay, I'm actually really excited about this, because they are really beautiful and fun places!) And I think the fact that I am now in love with myself in a way I wasn't before will have a huge impact on my level of enjoyment. Because really, to rave, is to be a part of a culture and community where you are accepted as you are, you accept everyone as they are, you don't have to hide yourself, and you can express yourself in a variety of ways, without being, for the most part, judged, AND you are all there for a common love (for some, it's the copious amounts of drugs they can consume and enjoy all the stimuli in the world, for others, the music, and for some, both [among other reasons]). It really is a beautiful place full of freaks and weirdo's, beauty queens and burn outs, and everyone in between. What a glorious parallel Universe it is!

And now, I think all the 100% puuurrrree...C---- cacao (how many of you thought I was going to say coke? Be honest!) has burned off, and it's time for me to hit the mat hard! (Yoga silly people! Although it is not uncommon for that to end with a session of some super heavy stepping!) I just wanted to share this burst of random energy with you all, and tell you how much I lalalalalalalalaloooove you! You're beautiful, you're wonderful, you're awakening, you've got it going on! Use it!

Enjoy life lovely souls!


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