Thursday, April 3, 2014

Amazing Daze

It's only 12:30 here, and already I've had the best day ever! I know it has a lot to do with the fact that I am really riding a major high right now, feeling pretty centered around God and goodness, and have almost fully slipped back into my last-year's ways of thinking and Being -- all is well, all is as it should be, accept everything, love everything, be positive, and don't let the negativity intrude, or be something you give energy to. All of this, in combination with the picture-taking nostalgia that hit me this week at the high school (because regardless of where I end up next year, Sevilla or a new city, I won't be in the high school), has sent me spiraling into this huge blaze of love, good energy, and positive thinking [and manifestation]. And I know for sure it is all of this that has contributed to me only having lived half of this day, but it being an amazing day for my energy field!

I usually have a class at 8:45 on Thursday mornings, but was told yesterday that I didn't have to go in. So this morning when I woke up, I was already on the good side of the bed. Tired from staying up maybe-a-little-too-late chatting about life and watching segments of First Earth with our couchsurfer of the week, but happy, because I had an amazing morning devotional, and squeezed in some yoga and an ab workout, all before breakfast. I went to work to teach the 9:15 English class, and had a great time, in a group that usually drive me up the wall. The teacher even told me that she "saw me with a lot of energy today".

I was so stoked and surprised to learn that I didn't have to go to the 10:15 class I usually help in, and left the school with a massive smile on my face, in spite of having to bike in the rain. I decided to come to my favorite spot in Sevilla to grade exams, and when I got off the metro and was waiting for the lift, I was highly blessed with a chance encounter.

My bike basket is, here in Sevilla, likely in all of Spain, one of a kind. There is no other like it, and it is highly unlikely you will ever see anyone who is not an utterly proud and unashamed guiri (foreigner) with one like this. Best if I just show you what I mean...

As I was saying, I was waiting for the lift, and another woman happened to be waiting with her bike as well. She took out her earphones, and then asked me, in a perfect American accent, if I happened to be American. She said that there way no way a Spaniard would have a bike basket with flowers on it, so she knew I had to be from the States. We ended up talking on our ride up and out, and then walked a bit together as well. She told me she's from Eugene, Oregon, which is "about as close to granola as it gets," in her words, and that she's here to study and learn Spanish. She was finishing up her degree back home and had four credits left, so she "decided to cash in her savings and move to Sevilla for six months!" I loved her instantly. Now she and her husband are considering moving here, and we're going to get together for tapas to chat. Chance encounters, chance meetings and conversations, all sparked by a bike basket that is a transportable floral shop! Incredible!

I rode the high from this encounter all the way to Red House, and was just a little bummed when I got here and realized they were closed (not open yet), but decided to pop in a shop across the street to pick up a gift for a beloved friend back home. I got the gift and a new earring, and then realized I was hungry, so I stood outside eating a banana, shoved enthusiastically into some Trader Joe's crunchy, unsalted almond butter that I brought back with me. Just after I had finished, and was spooning almond butter out of the container with my makeshift finger-spoon, the tattoo artist who did my tattoos a couple weeks ago walked by to come and open up the shop (it's next to Red House). She stopped, and we started chatting, and she asked if I'd come in so she could take a picture of the triangle. I agreed, and after indulging in a little more almond butter, put it away, and went in.

Maria (her name) took a picture, and we got to talking. She told me that just the week before I'd come in, another girl from California had gone in, who was fully tatt'd up, even on her forehead, to get the ohm symbol tattooed on her neck. Maria told her what the price would be, and the girl told her that she practices work with crystals, and asked if she'd like to do an exchange. So Maria obtained a big triangle (the stone's names has left me) as payment! She has an interest in them as well, and had a "whoa, full circle" moment when I went in just the next week to have one tattooed on my body! Amazing how life is a circle and comes around to us in time!
The triangle is the Greek symbol for Delta, which means change. I've written a triangle for the word change for as long as I can remember, b/c my mom told me once that they write it in her work that way. (Kinda lazy person = open to any shortcuts) So..."Be The Change" [you wish to see in the world]!
And then, of course, I walked out of the tattoo shop, and Red House's door was open. So, here I sit, in my favorite place to pass the hours, relishing in all the alignment of this magical so-far-just-a-half-day! I am so excited to see what else happens, but also so content to just sit and Be here right now. I'm pumping out a really special energy these days, and please know, I'm sending it all to you! I want it to hit you and kiss your skin softly, penetrating your soul, and leaving you feel lighter, brighter, and fully blessed!

Remember: The world is full of amazing people and moments, and there is a blessing to be found in EVERY situation. We just get so caught up in ourselves sometimes, it's hard to always notice them. Let's practice that... Being grateful, no matter what is going on. It's the practice I've lost the most over the months, and the one I'm working the most to regain and live. It makes a world of difference, and makes our world different.

Blessings, Love & Light to all you sweet souls, on this incredibly beautiful day!
(The sun is coming out!!!!!:)

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