Thursday, April 17, 2014

ANNY Studios in Santorini

Once upon a time, a girl from California decided to accept four different couchsurfers all at one time. There was a Greek, an Aussie, an Italian, and a shining soul from Cyprus. Some months later, the Californian would be going to Greece. The trip had already been arranged, but now, she had a friend to visit! How divine! About the time she was getting ready for her trip, the Aussie said, "Hey, when are you going to be in Greece? I'll be in Egypt just before that, and was looking at a map, and realized how close it is to Greece..." And so it happened, that when the Californian arrived in Piraeus, Greece, she met again the Aussie, and the Greek.

Now, the Aussie and the Allie from Cali wanted to explore the islands, afterall, the Greek Islands are some of the best-known in the world. So they decided upon Santorini, and went over to to try and find a suitable host. The Greek said, "I know that guy, he's a friend of mine! Let me call him and see if you can stay with him." And so it came to be, that the Awesome Adventuring Aussie and Allie from Cali, ended up coming to Santorini, to stay at Anny Studios in Perissa.

Ok, that's enough of the fairytale talk. Let's get serious...

Anny Studios started out as a hostel, but then was converted into studio apartments. This means a few things:
  1. In the rooms, there's a sink, a stove, a mini fridge, and dishes. You can cook your own food, in spite of the place seeming like a hotel/hostel.
  2. I have yet to see a room without a little balcony, so I'm going to go ahead and say they all have one.
  3. Because it started out as a hostel, it has a very hostel-feel. There's a common area with games, books, computers (free to use), and a television where they play DVDs. So even though you have a little studio apartment, you also enjoy the common living that a hostel provides.
  4. There is a pool and a bar, and their long coffees will crack you out. 
Our little terrace and view
The pool

The part of the island where Anny Studios is located is in Perissa. This is one of the most common parts of the island to party. It's got 5km of black beach, and across the entire thing are hotels, restaurants, bars, and apartments to rent. We happened to be here in mid-April, so there haven't been so many people, and there hasn't been any partying over here. It's still not the season, so it's really, really calm and quite. Which has, in a way, been nice. :)
 The Black Beach

But in this area, there are loads of good restaurants, the beach is literally a minute away, a delicious bakery is about three minutes away, and the staff here is so nice and helpful. They arranged every trip we took, and every detail. They're incredibly knowledgeable about the island, where to go, what to do, see, and experience, and have made our trip so easy. They are really cool, and make you feel so relaxed and at home. All this, in combination with a beautiful place, has contributed to a really great stay in Santorini! Thanks guys for everything! It wouldn't have been the same without you! 

Endless Blessings, Love & Light to all those who contributed to our stay here, and all of you out there now! 

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Location/Contact for Anny Studios:
Perissa, Santorini
Tel.: +30 22860 31627 / 82669
Fax: +30 22860 31626
Call with Skype:

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