Friday, April 24, 2015

And I'm Off Again!

Hello, hello and happy Friday to all you amazing, beautiful Beings out there! How are you doing!?! I have missed you!! 

It's been some days since I wrote, this week has been pretty crazy for my schedule, and something else, too... I've got to be honest, it's not that I have been suffering from writer's block, I've been absent, because I know I really "need" to get up on the blog are posts about Vienna and Budapest from a few weeks back, but I am struggling so much to make sense of my feelings towards Vienna, that the nearly-finished post I've got about it is just not something I want to post. I have no idea why I feel so "whatever" about the city, because it really is gorgeous, and I had a great Couch Surfing experience, but I just didn't get any exciting energetic sense from it. Therefore, I am really pushing back energetically in regards to the place, and not in the mood to write about it. But I will, I swear. Well, after this next mini-vacation that I'm leaving for in less than an hour! And for this one, I am SO STOKED!

In a matter of 30 minutes, I will be off in a blablacar to Sevilla, where later tonight, I will catch a flight to the sure-to-be-amazing Canary Island of Lanzarote!! 

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Soooo up for this trip! You'll definitely want to find me on Instagram to follow along on this one! 
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It's funny that I'm bursting with excitement for this trip right now, because in my last hour of work at the high school, I really wasn't in the mood. So weird [that I wasn't up for it].

Now I've got a lovely little group of galpals here in Écija, and since I've only got 5 weeks left in Spain, I want as much time with them as possible! They are truly amazing women, and I love so much to mesh with them, so I really didn't feel like going anywhere this weekend. Especially since I'll be in Rome for five days starting next Friday, and I've got a trip back to Amsterdam planned the end of May, my chances to hang with them are literally numbered. In reality, I've got six weekends left in my Spain time, and trips to other places planned for three of them. (Technically four, but I decided to cancel my trip to Santiago so I don't have to rearrange too many days of work. Although, the closer it gets, the more I want to go and check it out. We'll see what happens. hehe) But anyways, my pack is packed, I'm taking next-to-nothing (other than the excessive weight in book/journal/devotional book-stuff I always lug around), and am planning on a full few days of facepalming in the sand, attempted surf, hikes, and checking out some of God's beautiful Earth! 

There's been so much incredible energy and emotion moving around and within me lately, and this year has truly turned out to be an incredible blessing and necessary step in my journey towards the pure, eternal Light of the Lord aka Life. I feel so blessed and happy, and cannot stop beaming out love. I just want to hug everyone of my students all the time and tell them that I love them, and am engaging in such amazing extended embraces with my galpals here, I feel too full to contain all the goodness that's multiplying inside me. (Come find me and let's huuuuugggg!!!! ***Creeps need not apply ;-) It's going to be great to spread this love all over the island!

The first and only time I've ever been to the Canary Islands was in February of 2010, when about 18 people from our USAC study abroad group went together to celebrate carnival. It was such a wild and amazing experience, and will forever be special for me, because it's where Carla and I first tanned on the beach topless (something incredibly common in Spain. So much so, that my 28-year old friend says he still sees his mom without a top on at the beach, and it's not weird at all. Try that one on for size, 'murica!)! I'm not exactly expecting to just gallivant around topless all weekend, but I am fully expecting to embrace the sun, the sand, the surf, and the souuuulll! Let's see where God takes me on this one!

It's a pretty cool story/string of events, actually, how I even ended up deciding to go there.. of course, every island on Earth is on my Hit List, and I always dream of going to island locations, but this whole trip manifested because of someone I met in Mallorca when I lived there for two months working as an au pair a couple summers back. A fellow American, Danielle, was living on the island for a while, and we met at a 4th of July BBQ that was happening. I so graciously invited myself to it, after learning a friend would be there, because let's be real... as an American, to not attend a BBQ on the 4th of July, well, that just doesn't sit well with the soul. So, I worked through my desperation to eat watermelon and smell the coals burning, found a BBQ that was happening, and went. There I ended met a huge group of Americans that had returned to live/work on the island after falling in love with it during their semester/year abroad (obviously that would happen..have you seen Mallorca!?). Not all of them sat well with me, but Danielle definitely did. I remember leaving and wishing that I'd met her sooner, because I could just tell she had good vibes and would probably be someone I'd really get along with. 

Well, I'm not sure how it came to pass, but she wrote me on Facebook some months back, and we started chatting a little bit. Then she said that she and her man moved to Lanzarote, and if I ever wanted to go for a weekend of hiking and surfing, I had a place to stay! Umm...ok! And after I dropped my Integrated Kinesiology course and started stalking down cheap flights, I found a reasonable one to Lanzarote, and decided to take her up on her offer! Now I'm ready to go, and stoked as can be! Weee! Actually, I really have to get out the door now, or I'll be late for my ride!

Life is a pretty awesome and wild thing when we stop trying to control it, live and love in the moment, and trust that God will take care of everything, and then some! I highly recommend giving it a shot. It's nice to just sit back, relax, and not try to run the show. Besides, He's bound to work things out to be waaaay better than we could try to get them anyways! ;-)

I love you Earth Fam, I hope you have a smashing weekend, full of love, smiles, and warmth in your hearts! Don't forget to let that soul soar! xxx

Blessings, Love, Light & Wonder,

Allie-Sun <3 

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