Thursday, April 30, 2015

ADD Adventures to: {{ Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain }}

This past weekend, I was blessed with a chance to go to Lanzarote, one of Spain's beloved Canary Islands, and soak up some sun, embrace some sand, and attempt some surf! I had met a gal in Mallorca a couple summers back, and through some sort of conversation, she ended up extending an invite to me to go spend a weekend on their new island of residency. She said if I liked hiking and surfing, I was welcome anytime, pretty much posing me an offer I couldn't resist! And luckily, when I dropped my Integrated Kinesiology course and went crazy looking up/planning/buying cheap flights, I found a reasonable one from Sevilla, and didn't hesitate to ask first if I was still welcome. (Sometimes, you've just gotta bit the bullet!) And based on the experience I had last weekend, it was definitely a fine choice I made!

Lanzarote is the kind of place that's perfect for people who like outdoor activities and having little choice of much else to do. It's an incredibly calm place, with small towns scattered throughout the volcano-covered island, and is loaded full of aloe plants, hiking trails, and of course, coastline! I didn't get to see the whole island, but I think we made good use of the time I had there, and I certainly left wanting more!

 El Golfo and the Green Lagoon!

 Abdul, from the Sahara, whom following this photo we asked to take of him, allowed us to follow him and watch him for a good 20 minutes or more, as he de-scaled all the fish for the restaurant, then ripped their guts out, and left them on the rocks for the forming flock of seagulls to swoop down upon and consume in less than a minute. It was a perfect opportunity for Danielle, a photographer, to get some great shots! I was able to watch until he started slicing them open and emptying them of their innards, then I took a break from the brutal, and enjoyed some kind meditation on the rocks. 

On Sunday, we went on a hike up El Volcan de la Corona, with less than a 700m incline, but some pretty amazing views! It was an easy hike, until we decided to hike down into its crater, which had quite the vertical drop down. We basically ice skated our way down into it through all the volcanic rock/gravel that was there. And then we had a mini picnic! I never had "Have Lunch in a Volcano's Crater" on my Hit List before, but I guess now I can add it and check it off! 

Whilst we were hanging out on the rim, after our on-all-fours-scrambling back up and out it, we saw some people descending another part of it. We took them to be mistaken adventurers, trying to get into the crater from completely the wrong end, but when we asked if they were trying to get down, a gal informed us there's a fairly good-sized cave in that area, so of course we went to check it out! And fam_{{ily}}, it was so cool!! There were little tea candles strategically placed around it, tucked into little crevasses within the walls and on the ground, and even cooler still, there were two yoga mats chillin'! Some stretches and relaxation later, we were back to our island adventure, with the day concluding with some feet-in-the-sand dinnertime!

On Monday, my last day, Danielle and I took advantage of the morning to go surf! The last time I'd tried to surf was this past summer in Peniche (an incredible little peninsula of Portugal, where literally, there is nothing to do but surf), and it didn't go so well. So this time, I was determined to try again, and actually get up on the board, which I nearly managed! We were only out there for an hour, maybe hour and a half, but it was enough for me to get a taste of it, and realize I'm not as hopeless as my last attempt left me feeling. And truthfully, anytime I'm in the water on a board, even if just sitting or laying there, I'm perfectly content! Then before I knew it, it was time to head back to the airport, and return to the mainland! 

One of the most amazing things to me about Lanzarote had to have been the people. We didn't interact with a single person that wasn't so incredibly kind and lovely. I think it's something to do with all the nature around, and how small and quaint the island/towns on it are. I'm not really sure. I just know that I was blown away by how nice everyone was, and so, so friendly. 

Apparently, because the temperature doesn't vary much throughout the year, there is tourism on the island (on the islands) 12 months of the year. And I know I wasn't there during the high season, but in spite of the number of tourists and rental cars I noticed cruising around, I never felt it was over-crowded. Quite the opposite to be honest...

Lanzarote was a special place because of the people, it's vibe, and the fact you can't do much other than hike, swim, surf, and do sport, but it's not really the kind of place I'd choose to live. It was sooo dry, and because it's got 20+ volcanoes on it, some of the island actually existing due to eruptions, it's not very green, and I like green. I'm a huge fan of lush, green places, and while I love being 100% surrounded by water, I probably will not be moving to Lanzarote anytime in my future. Which isn't to say you shouldn't go, and I'd recommend going for more than three days!

Let me know if you go, and give me some tips for the next time I'm on the island!

Tomorrow I'm off to Rome (!!!!) for my first time ever, and so stoked to spend the weekend eating endless amounts of pasta, wandering around, and exploring the infamous Rome! I'm staying with a couch surfer I hosted in Sevilla last year, who's mum is meant to be an incredible cook, so I am pretty thrilled about the arrangement! Will be posting whilst there, maybe, and certainly after! 

Have an amazing weekend, all, I love you!

Blessings, Love, Light & Wonder,
Allie-Sun <3 

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