Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Excited to Be Back

Never will you catch me saying, "I wish I didn't move to Spain." Never, ever, ever. I can't even think it without starting to laugh. I mean really, it's an absurd thought/statement. The time I've spent abroad has enabled me to discover myself in so many new ways, and really step into my light as the person God and I want me to be.

Of course there have been times when I wonder if I did the right thing leaving love behind, but then a slew of images and memories start to fly through my mind, as though I'm about to die and here's the flashback of my life, and I know for sure, I'd never trade the last 2+ years. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited as hell to go home and spend some time there, too!

I've been seeing a lot of pictures on Facebook lately of my water polo friends from uni, and I've gotta say, I am so excited to go back and smash my face in between all of theirs, appear in some pictures, and have some Adventures stateside!

The last years in Spain have been everything and more I could have hoped for, dreamed of, and/or expected, but it is going to be so nice to go home and reconnect with people I'd like to see remain my friends for the duration of my life. Also, there's nothing like going home to reconnect and participate in your family-life, either! And considering how old my beloved grandmother is (93!!!), and the condition of other family members, it is definitely the right thing to do to go back and be there for a while. I wouldn't be who I am today without the experiences I've accumulated over the last 27 1/2 months, nor would I be who I am without everything that happened before them. So, even though I know my Adventure Overseas isn't anywhere near over yet, I am thrilled I decided to take it back to my home turf for a while.

I will officially land in San Francisco on July 17th, and am planning on staying home for about half a year. Of course, I could get the itch -- the travel itch, the anxious feet, the my-backpack's-been-empty-for-too-long feeling -- before six months are up and hit the road again, but my plan is to stay till after the next New Year. I'm still undecided on what route I'll take after, but the more I think about it, the more I want to return to Belize and help the people I met there make their dreams a fully-realized reality. We'll see. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure: I'm going to remain living as love and in love, and do my best to inspire all you lovely people to make your dreams a reality, too!

Life may be the longest thing we'll ever do, but it flies by, not giving us a chance to realize how fast it's going, and before we know it, we're looking at a new year, wondering what we even did in the one before it. Living on Earth and not enjoying your time here is about the worst thing you can do, it's offensive to God and all creation, because there's no way you're emitting your best energy if and when you're not doing things you love. And creating all that energetic, mental, and emotional mess in and around you is not why you've been sent! So make your life something you actually want to participate in, and wake up smiling in the morning! You literally only have one shot at this, it will never be repeated again, you're not going to be given another chance to enjoy everything we've been given, so make the effing most of it! You deserve to live a life you're in love with, and BE someone you're in love with! Just do it! :D

(Forgive me if I seem harsh, it's probably the quadruple shots of espresso I tossed back last hour flowing through me!)

Sending you strength and determination, and a spirit of conquering all fears and insecurities, so you can step into your own light, and make your own reality!

I love you Earthlings, You Are Magic

Blessings, Love, Light & Wonder,

Allie-Sun <3

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