Monday, April 30, 2012

House Hunter Rationale

I can't begin to guess how many times a person will move in their life, but I think it's safe to say the average person will likely move 3-5 times in their life. I always used to count the move from the hospital home post-birth as one, but now I think that's a little ridiculous. The basic moves that I think most people will face in their lives are the following:

  1. Perhaps sometime before college 
  2. To college (I realize many stay at home and go to a junior college, but still...)
  3. Either back home, or to a new place post-college (again, I realize, not everyone)
  4. Post-college
  5. Another after college
  6. Time to start your own family and move
This is 100% a generalization, and doesn't even apply to my life. In my life I have had the following moves:
  1. 7th or 8th grade my family moved into a new home
  2. August 2007 - moved from Stockton to a dorm in Chico for college
  3. May 2008 - moved back home for summer
  4. August 2008 - moved into a house in Chico
  5. May 2009 - moved back home for summer/my things into a storage unit
  6. September 2009 - moved to Spain to study abroad
  7. December 2009 - moved into a different apartment in Spain (new area, new roomies)
  8. May 2010 - moved back to the United States, Chico, new college house --> worst experience ever!
  9. June 2011 - moved to LA for the summer (internship w/ Disney/ABC)
  10. August 2011 - moved back up to Chico
  11. February 2012 - half-moved back to LA into my uncles' house / all my "stuff" into a storage unit
So as you can see, this, like most things in my life, has been done to an extreme that most people will not endure. Eleven moves in 23 years, most taking place in the last six. How horrifying, and fortunate. :) So when I say, "I am so tired of moving," do not think that I am simply talking about your basic college-moves. The ones abroad, namely the one returning, were total havoc. 

And now, it is time for me to move once more. All of my belongings are back in a storage unit, and the time has come that I find a place in LA that I can call my own. This weekend I am hitting the pavement hard, literally, with my happy feet, to knock on those complex doors and get myself a place! What an adventure it will be, especially considering that the last 2 months have severely raised my standards. 8X But like anything in life, it is a challenge and adventure that I look forward to conquering! Game on!

Today's Poetic Snippet: This life is a ride, a roller coaster of sorts. And this weekend I'm taking on the apartment hunt, in my short shorts! ;)

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