Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scam Me Once, Shame on You, Scam Me Twice, I'm the Fool


I apologize, I just had to get that out. And since this is essentially just my mental/word-vomit/therapy place, I shall say what's on my mind.

I have spent too many hours on Craigslist looking at postings, and last night thought I had found a couple GREAT ones. Only thing is, and I hate to be pessimistic, but in situations like this it's somewhat necessary, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. And that was absolutely the case with these couple places I found.

Both were located in Studio City, my #1 choice, 1br/1bath, my #1 choice, AND had utilities paid, a bonus choice! One of them was set at $550/month, the other at $600. Now, I don't know how experienced any of you are with housing in Los Angeles, but that is a total steal! The average for a one bedroom place is around $1000 +/- a couple hundred dollars. So to find something at that price that included utilities, well, I don't even know why I thought it was real!

The first clues that I had that this might be a scam were that the "husband" was now living in the Philippines because he was moved there for work, his "wife" lives in Melbourne, Australia (shout-out to my Aussies!), and had recently been in an accident so she's in a wheelchair, but "they're just so happy and blessed that she's alive," they wouldn't be able to show me the place since they aren't in town, they will overnight me the key and I can move right in, after I've given them money, that they weren't so much doing it for the money, just wanted to find someone respectful that will take care of the place and keep it clean, and their names.

Now, I am not prejudice against names, I understand that there are many cultures and each has their own views of common/normal names. I worked in a department that handled hiring and rehiring, and saw a boatload of interesting ones, but when I see an American name that is completely off-beat, I begin to question. You tell me if you think that someone would honestly be named Collins Matt. Matt Collins, yes, but reverse that? Not happening. And his "wife," Clewiss Matt!? REALLY!?! Come on people, if you want to try and screw people and trick them, at least be smart about it and not to be so obvious! (Not that I'm condoning this sort of behavior.)

Needless to say, after a few email interactions, me pointing out that "I am not judging you, simply looking at the facts," and passing them this link (this is the same message I received), there will be no apartment for $550 or $600, and I am back on the hunt!

Today's Food for Thought: If you're trying to play others for a fool, don't be one yourself!

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