Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Cruisin'

This past Christmas holiday was spent cruising part of the Caribbean with family. My parents, sister, and I were traveling for 12 straight days, on a trip that involved 14 different legs. The legs of our journey were as follows:

  1. Stockton to Bakersfield - spend one night at Gma and Gpa's place, drop off presents, and enjoy dinner together
  2. Bakersfield to Los Angeles - spend one night at the uncles' house so we can catch our flight out of Burbank the next morning
  3. Burbank to Las Vegas - first leg of our flight
  4. Las Vegas to Houston - Houston airport is closer to Galveston, where we were boarding the cruise
  5. Houston to Galveston - take a taxi to our hotel
  6. Galveston to Cozumel, Mexico - board the ship on Saturday, 21/12/2012, for our one week cruise with four other family members
  7. Cozumel to Roatan, Honduras - first stop on the cruise to the second
  8. Roatan to Belize City - second stop to the third and final
  9. Belize to Galveston - cruise back to the port
  10. Galveston to Houston 
  11. Houston to Phoenix (layover)
  12. Phoenix to Burbank
  13. Burbank to Bakersfield - spend two nights and celebrate Christmas
  14. Bakersfield to Stockton
On the drive from Stockton to Bako

 Houston at night by way of airplane

As you can see, there was a lot of travel involved. Including the miles we traveled within each stop on the cruise, I think that my family and I easily traveled about 5,500 miles during those 12 days. It's a bit funny to think about the fact that the last post I wrote was about how much I love to travel. I talked about why I love it and how it makes me think and feel. I've got to be honest though, by the end of this trip, I was so burnt out and ready to get home. It was quite an exhausting and wonderful time. Fulfilling, but tiring. I'm still on the mend from all the time changes and miles, but feeling that happy, enlightened and educated feeling that one can only obtain through travel. 

It was a lovely holiday, full of family, photos, and good memories. I am very grateful for this life I've been given, and look forward to life I have coming. This trip was a sneak peek into the life I want to live for many years to come, and while it is tiring, I know it will be very fulfilling. 

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