Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Start of The Rest of My Life

It's pretty hard to believe that the last three months (or the last two and a half years, depending how you look at it) have all been building up to this point right here and now... my departure and my return to Spain.

In less than 24 hours I will be in the air flying towards Chicago, where I will catch a flight to Madrid, and then fly onto Sevilla, the city that will become my new home for at least the next five months. I have been to Sevilla before, and know a few people there, but I do not have the friends there that I have in Northern Spain. I am going into this trip somewhat alone, only with the company of God and my thoughts to keep me entertained. I really am considering this trip to be the start of the rest of my life.

I graduated just over one year ago, took a couple months to diddle around and try to "figure it out," and then when I realized I was running out of money, decided it was time to take a path. After taking some interviews, I had jobs lined up at various places, and decided that I would accept one to become a Farmers Insurance agent. I was wanted in the Chico office, and interviewed in the Irvine office as well, because I wanted to move back down to SoCal. I was all set to start taking the classes and getting certified as an agent, when I walked back through the doors at the Disney/ABC Television Group and was offered a temporary job there. Fate!

The position I took was a 6-week job with the Communications Administration department (hires, rehires, office supplies and functionality, invoice processing and payment, and things of that sort -- the stuff that has to be done in order for the company to run and the people to get paid). The person I was filling in for was working in production for six weeks, so they needed a replacement for her replacement. Within a couple weeks being there, my boss approached me with another job opportunity in another department (Digital Internal Media aka Digital Internal Communications), which I accepted immediately. This job was to last until September, and had the potential to turn into a full-time position.

Well, September came around, and I found out the budget the department had been promised that would allow them to take me on as a full-time employee had been taken back by corporate. And so came the end of my days with DATG.

I applied for various jobs, interviewed for one, and was looking partial-heartedly for a new job in the company. I loved the people, and figured that since I am a total TV addict, I should be working in the industry. But I've never fancied myself as fitting in the corporate mold, so I didn't care to look too hard for ways to stay in it. It's fine for many, they enjoy it; they like the structure of it, the schedule and knowing what's next, working hard at something, and being a part of a bigger picture. I actually have a high level of respect for these people. They are hard workers, they are in a comfortable situation, and they have a direction. But I know many of them, and many of them are not there because they want to be, they are there because it's where they think they are supposed to be, or they have families to support, so it's where they have to be. But I cannot conform to all that, and I do not have the patience to work two years as an executive assistant, two years as a coordinator, and then hope to become a manager, director, vice president, and then an EVP. That's just not me.

I have always fancied being a person that stands out a bit. Not necessarily a person who is noticed, but a person who is different than the rest, so it is only natural that I would live a life off the beaten path. Maybe it's because I've grown up with a dad who's nature is comparable, and who always told me to "zig when they zag." Maybe it's because I have always felt inside of me that peace is achievable,  attainable, and necessary, and had the urge to make it happen. Maybe it' because I know without a reasonable doubt, that there is more out there, and that the life they want us to live, isn't the life that's best for us. Maybe it's because I want to make a difference, to help people, and change lives for the better. But more than that, maybe it's because I know I will and I can, and so I know it will be. Or maybe, it's everything combined. It's the person that God created me to be, and I'm not shying away from it, scared of it, or thinking it's not possible because society tells me it's not reality. I am going to make a change in this world, I am going to help as many people as I can to have a life with less suffering and more love! One by one I will affect people, I will show them love, I will remind them that there is good, great, and lovely in this place, and hope that the ripple affects will travel far and wide. I will get to know them, see their highs and their lows, figure out their deepest needs, and find creative ways to fill them.

I am 23-years old, and 22 hours away, from being on a plane, flying off into the distance, to go fulfill my destiny, and start the rest of my life. My mission, my life, my path, my goal, my journey... it all starts now.

My soul is fired up, geared up, and burning inside of me. I can feel the heat of my heart forcing its way to the surface of my chest and blazing out of it. I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen in my life, where I will end up, who I will meet, what I will do, where I will go, what I will see, or how long it will last, but I know with absolute certainty, that it will be great.

YOU CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS IN THIS LIFE THAT YOU WANT! Do not let anyone tell you that it's not realistic or wise, because what is real to one person, might not be real to the next. We all live our own lives, and are blessed enough that they intersect, but just because they intersect, doesn't mean they are the same. We are one, but we are all on different journeys. Do not be afraid to break the mold and take the bold move to a different kind of life. You will never, ever, ever be let down or disappointed. You will be surprised, and you will find yourself living a life you never dreamed you could. Make it happen, make your own reality!

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