Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jet Lagged

Well folks, I am officially in California! It is the first time in just under a year that I have been in the United States, and it feels dang good to be here! I arrived last night to SFO (San Francisco International Airport) after about 22 hours of travelling, came home (turning the travel total to about 23.5 hours), and then got one of the deepest night's sleeps I've had since I don't know when. 

All last night and today I thought I was pretty smart and had somehow hacked the "how to beat jet lag" dilemma. I arrived to the States so tired last night, since of the 22 hours I spent travelling before I arrived, I'd only slept about 20 shitty minuted on the second and much shorter flight. On the first flight, which was 11.5 hours, I didn't sleep at all. I felt so great on that flight, and had no desire to sleep. Probably due to excitement about coming home and the fact it was a mid-to-all-day flight for me... and my cool geometric shapes coloring book. That helped a lot too. :) I actually felt surprisingly fresh and fine until about 30 minutes into the second flight, then the restlessness set in. I was so tired by that point, since according to my internal clock it was about 5am and I still hadn't slept, and all I wanted to do was sleep, but I just couldn't. My tailbone (which I broke in a bike accident in the start of October) was hurting a little, I couldn't get comfortable, in spite of the fact the middle seat was empty, and I just was ready to arrive. But in the end it worked out quite nicely, because I arrived at night, so by the time I got home, it was a perfectly reasonable hour to go straight to bed for the night. 

Right now it is 5:00 for me (Spain time), but at my physical location (CA), it is actually only 20:00, and I can really feel it -- the jet lag.

I am so tired right now, that it really does feel like it's the middle of the night and I'm not sleeping. I don't know if I thought that by me going to bed at the "real" nighttime here last night I would somehow be on track, but I'm not. The nine hour time difference between my former home (CA) and my home (Spain) is really screwing with me right now. I feel incapable of doing anything, and lack the accompanying desire too. Even just typing this right now is proving to be too complicated and demanding for my "hi, I'm totally checked-out" mind.

While I'm home, I don't really want to adjust to California time, just because I'm only here for two weeks, and the last time when I went over to Spain, adjusting to the time change was such a nightmare. I am not in the mood to spend my first week back to work waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning, wide awake as can be, ready to begin the day, just to realize that it's a completely absurd hour. I am not devising any sort of sleep plan while I'm here, but am just going to ride the waves and see what happens. 

I think that the best thing I could do for myself would just be going to bed early each night, and then wake up early each morning. I actually really love this schedule anyways, but have been having a hard time living it since Spain's hours tend to be pushed back. We'll see what happens!

What tricks and tips do you lovely people have for aiding jet lag? Would love to hear from some of you!

This post was going to be about jet lag, and be full of funny, witty little things, but really, it's 5am to me right now, and that's just not going to happen. I keep mistyping most of my words and am pressing the backspace/delete keys more than I am letter keys. So yes, now I'm going to put myself to bed. I love the idea of going to bed at 20:00. It makes me feel more productive tomorrow already! 

Man am I happy to be home! And I am SO happy to be seeing some of you while I am! 

Love to everyone!

(And blessings and light..of course:)

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