Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One Person Has the Power

After the first time I saw "The Secret," I went online to learn a little bit more. I subscribed to the website so I could receive emails from Rhonda Byrne with inspiration and bits of her wisdom, and the one I received this morning really got me thinking. The following is what The Secret Scrolls of today had to say:

Change in a country begins with one person. Each country reflects the inner peace or turmoil of its mass population, and so as one person changes they affect the rest of the population. One person has the power within them to bring massive change to their country through immense love and peace within themselves. But we cannot bring about peace and well-being to our country unless we have conquered that in our own life. Do you see? You cannot give what you do not have.

Each person's job is to bring utter harmony into their own life, and then they will become the greatest human gift for their country and the world.

Now, if you know me at all, you know how much I want to impact the world and make a positive difference in it. So when I read this, I really freaked out. The parts that I have put in bold are, to me, especially powerful and wonderfully honest.

Too many of us are brought up in a society and culture that makes us feel like we don't have the ability to change or affect anything around us, and that is such a load of bull. We aren't taught the real truth -- that we are unlimited, powerful, energy beings, whose every single thought and action has a ripple affect that stretches so far and so wide, that light speed and the milky way are put to shame. And we most certainly aren't taught that we can change everything around us, if we just start within and find the peace we all have hanging out inside of us.

If we can become at one with ourselves and the universe in an open and loving way, the entire universe would be altered! Imagine if every single person in the world practiced mindfulness a little bit more! Imagine if we all loved ourselves as we are and wanted to exploit and share ourselves without restraint or feeling insecure! Imagine if we could all just remember that we can come back to our perfect, magical center whenever we want, no matter what is happening around us! And imagine if we all tried to emit our own, positive energy into the atmosphere all the time! Wow, what a cool thing to play with and practice, right!?

That last bit there, about our only job being to come into a state of utter harmony in our own lives, is so great. Because really, we cannot affect everything and everyone around us, if we are not at the right place within. And man, once we align up, activate, and pump out the goodness, there is a real-life kind of magic that goes down.

"And then they will become the greatest human gift for their country and the world." 


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