Friday, January 10, 2014

16 Things To Do in Five Years

When I sat down this morning for my devotional, I wanted to put down on paper all the grand plans I've been coming up with for my life. It started out as a list of things I'd like to do over the course of all my years, but after looking at the list, I realized they are all things I would like to, and could, accomplish in the next five years. In five years, I will be nearly 30-years old. I will be nearing the age I have decided (and also kind of promised my mom) would be appropriate to have a bit more of a career path in place, and perhaps have decided in which part of the world I will make my home. All of the things you are about to read are things I WILL accomplish in the next five years, apart from two.

16 Things To Do Before I'm 30:

  • Learn Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Japanese
  • Spend more than a month travelling Portugal (Checking this one off this summer!)
  • Live in/travel Italy for three to four months
  • Live in France for one year
  • Return to the Baboon Sanctuary in Belize and volunteer
  • Spend five months travelling Central America
  • Go to the furthest tip of Africa
  • Do yoga on the Great Wall of China
  • Be a travel writer/inspirational person with a great reach (#1)
  • Do a handstand
  • Make my own bread and pasta
  • Collaborate with a visionary artist to make psychedelic story books
  • Write a novel
  • Hear God's voice
  • Ascend the chakras in meditation
  • Grow my own food (Note to self: This requires finding a place to live and turn into a semi-permanent home)
The two things on this list that I have on my "General Life List" are to learn German and Japanese, but the rest, you follow along on this journey of mine long enough, and I will personally bring you along with me as I accomplish them!

I think it's important to set big and small goals for your life. I'm against planning out your life, but I am all for having ideas and a broad timeline in which to accomplish them. That said, what can you think of? What have you thought of? What's on your list? Anything special or simple you'd like to accomplish in the next year? Five years? Share below in the comments anything you might want to do, and we can make sure we encourage each other all the way to successful completion of everything! 

Blessings, Love & Light sweet souls 

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