Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A 5x5 for My 25

Well guys, I have officially made it through a quarter of a century on this beautiful mother earth of ours! I am so insanely grateful that God has blessed me with the chance to get to this point, do what I've done, seen what I've seen, and grown how I've grown. I cannot believe the blessed life I've been given and am livin', and am so excited to arrive to my birthday on the upswing. (One that will likely be one of the highest highs I've had in a long time, since the low I'm coming out of is one of the strongest I've ever encountered.)

I figured that for my 25th Birthday Blog Post, I wanted to mix up the traditional list a little bit, and throw down a 5x5... five lists, with five items, for a total of 25! (Shaaaboom! Like that!? ;) So without further a due, here are my Five-by-Five's for Twenty-Five...

Five Qualities I Have Kept All My Life
  1. Quirky-weird-zaniness
  2. Colorful character
  3. Big, bright smile
  4. Curiosity about my surroundings
  5. Obsession with L O V E
Five Things I'm Proud Of
  1. Graduating from college [in under 5 years] & landing back-to-back contracted jobs with a Fortune 100 company [Disney/ABC Television Group]
  2. Realizing what kind of life I didn't want to live, and not being too scared to do what it took to get myself out of a desk, and into the world
  3. Learning another language
  4. Leaving a positive, loving mark on everyone I encounter
  5. Who I've become, and the value I've come to place on myself
Five Things I Still Want To Do
  1. Explore all the world
  2. Learn at least five more languages
  3. Learn to play at least one musical instrument
  4. The Camino de Santiago in Spain
  5. Realize my path fully
Five Amazing Things I've Done
  1. Come back to God, and realized Him as my source and center. And brought others to know and love Him. 
  2. Believed that I could create my reality, instead of believing that there is a such thing as "not very realistic", and turned my dreams into my daily life!
  3. Spent one week kayaking 136km around the island of Ibiza
  4. Learned to live with my heart wide-open
  5. Moved back to Spain/away from home with a plan to spend the rest of my life all over the globe
Five Things I've Learned
  1. If you don't love yourself, accept yourself, and want to really Be yourself, you cannot ever, really, fully, love anyone or anything else.
  2. It all starts within. What you see, believe, think, and feel, transforms your world, your life, and creates or kills any opportunity that might be laid out for you.
  3. There is a blessing to be seen, felt, and/or found in EVERY situation. No matter how much we perceive it to be on the negative scales, it's got something good for us hidden away. Sometimes it's not even that hidden away, we just don't realize it because we're emotional human beings.
  4. Gratitude (saying thanks), trust, and love, are the most important things we could ever have and release in our lives. They have the power to do all.
  5. Although our hearts are all beating in different chests, at different rates, all around the world, they are all connected and beating as one, to create the most beautiful bass line we could ever know. Explore the souls of other people. Explore the world. Come to see that we're all the same, we're all connected, and the world is such a massive place, but we can navigate it if we try.
So, there we have it! My Five-by-Five-for-Twenty-Five!

I hope that the blessings I feel and embrace, transcend the borders of my body and life, and reach you in yours. And that the upswing I've entered, will cause a ripple affect so great, of love, light, and wonder, that you will have the best day, everyday! I release all that is good in me, back to You! :-*

Blessings, Love & Beautiful Light

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