Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I've Got Big Plans, Man!

In one week, I will turn 25. It's a big age, and I think it's going to be a pretty major year for me. I'm planning on doing a lot in the coming year, and can only assume that it, as all the past years of my life have been, will be better than the one that came before (which seems quite hard to come by considering the last year I've had). I have been doing a lot of growing, learning, loving and examining lately, and have come to realize that there really is no such thing as "too old to do _______." There are so many things I want to do and learn in life, and I am quite excited to begin doing many of them. I have many goals and dreams, and I fully intend to make them all realities!

Twenty-five might be a scary year for some, as it seems to mark a huge step in the adult direction, but for me, I'm seeing it as a year in which I will be reborn, and dabble in as many new things as I possibly can! I see possibilities, opportunities, and new life! I've been coming up with ideas of things I want to learn and begin lately, and it's time I laid them out and released them into the universe, so she and my Papa God can help me accomplish them! Some of the things that I hope to accomplish in my 25th year of life are:
  1. Further exploration of myself, my thoughts, feelings, and capacities
  2. To learn to
    • Speak another language or two (at least be conversational)
    • Play the banjo
    • Dance the Sevillan [in time for the Feria]
    • Drive a stick-shift car
    • Make a killer tortilla de patatas
  3. Get serious enough about my blog that I can start to make some money off of it/parlay into the world of travel writing
  4. Explore, at least a little, every region of Spain / go to Formentera and Menorca, and some of the islands of the Canaries I haven't yet explored
  5. Go to, and really experience, at least three new countries (preferably five)
  6. Continue my progress, growth, mission, and life, in a loving, positive, mindful way
I think it's an incredibly reasonable list, and I really do plan to accomplish everything on it! Now I just have to put all my faith in God that He will help me make it all happen, and make some little plans and timelines for myself, so I can keep myself on track to checking them all off!

Life is such a beautiful thing, and we are so blessed to have the chance to experience it, no matter where or how we might be doing so. And since we are such complex and special beings, it's really important that we fully realize out potential and do as much as we can for and with ourselves. I am pretty sure we weren't created so we could just be couch potatoes or office bots. No, that can't be it. So, get out there! Go, learn, do, see, and be all that you can! Even if you just hit the sidewalk in front of your house with some sidewalk chalk and draw body outlines like it's a crime scene, use yo brain! Move your body, use your mind, live your life, and be proud of all you do!

Live, laugh, love, and remember how amazing and remarkable you are! :-*

Massive Blessings, Love & Light to you all
I'm so happy to be on this earthball with you :)

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