Friday, May 2, 2014

6 Tips & Tricks for Travelling Greece

  1. Don't pay for the Air Seats in the ferry from Piraeus to Santorini (or going the other way). Most people will get off the ship at the first stop, and you can switch from the cheap seats, which aren't uncomfortable, but open to all the noise and activity on the ship. And on the way back, there were so many available, we could have had our own rows if we wanted.
  2. Unless you want an incredibly quiet experience, don't go to Santorini before mid-May. While it was really nice to not be stuck in traffic on the roads on our quad, or encounter mass amounts of people everywhere we went, we also did kind of want a little nightlife, and, well, the place was a little dead. And we were staying in one of the main party areas of the island. If you want good weather, also don't go before mid-May. We had a couple rainy days, a really beautiful day, and a couple cloudy ones. We were told June and September are good, because the weather is good, but there aren't too many people there with one party-goal in mind.
  3. Just because Piraeus is one of the most frequented cities of Greece due to the port, it doesn't mean it's overly priced. I saw some souvenirs in Santorini that were much cheaper in Piraeus, and the food as well cost less. Don't be afraid to buy certain things in Piraeus, with the "I can probably find it cheaper somewhere else" thought in mind. And if you happen to be able to, stroll one of the local farmers markets (ask people to find out where/what day). It will blow your mind. The colors, THE OLIVE STANDS, oh my gosh. I came back to Spain, and I'm having a hard time eating the olives after what I experienced over there. :(
  4. Rent a quad in Santorini! It was only 25 euros for the day (plus petrol), and it was the most amazing way to get around! We literally went from one end to the other, and it wasn't stressful or scary at all! Of course, there weren't many people around, but still, there is one main road, and it's an easy place to navigate. And with the little streets, we could easily pass. 
  5. Go on the little boat tour in Santorini. It was less than 20 euros, and it was a six hour trip to the other little islands of Santorini, a hike and info on the volcano, swim in the hot springs, and time on the second-largest island, that just has one village. It's a good way to see the rest of Santorini, and learn a bit about it as well.
  6. Spend more than a day in Athens. A lot of people told me not to waste too much time there, but really, I loved it. Of course, we'll all have different experiences, but I thought the center was so charming. It's overflowing with flowers, color, and life, and let's face it, there's nothing quite like being in the city, looking up at a hill, and see Acropolis sitting there in all it's ruins and remaining glory.

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