Friday, May 2, 2014

Nike's Slogan Applied to Life

Ok, so while I don't really like that I'm unwillingly advertising for Nike, I also have to do it, because really, what's about to be thrown down is definitely a "just do it" kind of thing.

Yesterday I went to the beach with some friends, and it turned out to be such a major and deep healing day for me. I slipped in two meditation sessions, lots of playing, lots of loving, some yoga, and just let myself be free. I wandered, I read, I wrote, and I talked with God so much. I released all into the waters and sand, and meshed my body with the Earth as much as humanly possible. It was magical. And then in the car on the way back, the conversation slipped into things we'd like to do in the future.

All of us in the car are kinda at a crossroad in life where we want to do something different, try something new, start something, or are in a position where it's time to decide on something and perhaps take up a direction. I ended up talking about how there are so many things I want to try and begin to learn about and do, but that by working two jobs, when I'm not working, the last thing I want to do is read educational articles, research, and add more to my plate. I just want to read, chill, and not think about things that are too major, serious, or directional. And it was after I said this that my friend said something so powerful...

She said that people think she's crazy because on top of working full-time, she's also working on her masters. So she has class on Saturdays, and is usually insanely busy. But what she said was that she's really motivated about it, and really likes it, so she doesn't share other people's sentiments that she's doing too much and working herself too hard. She then went on to say that if there's something that interests us, something we want to do, something in which we have passion, then it doesn't matter if we're already busy, we've just gotta do it, because in the end, it'll be good for us. We've gotta make time, give time, to the things that we care about.

There are so many things I've been wanting to take up, but I just haven't wanted to add more to my schedule. But after hearing her say it, I don't know what chord it struck in me, but I've been left feeling so motivated to start some of the studies that I find interesting, and take up learning some new things (instruments, languages, etc). I feel full of new motivation, and have actually spent sufficient time today researching different things, and reaching out to people about where to begin.

It's so true... no matter how busy we are, we have to make time for the things that interest us. If not, why spend time on anything else? There's no point wasting life on something you don't really care about, just dreaming about the things you do. That's no way to live, and it's no way to be successful in anything that you do. If you have a passion, pursue it, because I truly believe we cannot fail at anything if there is passion involved. Our passion provides us our purpose. Our intuition provides us our instruction. Follow the tugs at your heart, it's only meant to guide you right!

So what do you really want to do in life? What is your passion? Do you know "your purpose"? Whatever it is, if it makes you feel good and right, go with it. But please, be sure it's not affecting others in a negative way. ;-)

Blessings, Love & Light darlings! 

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