Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Something I Really Don't Understand

I know you're all just dying for me to write about Rome and the little Italian towns I visited over the long weekend, but first I must write about something that came to me last night, and has left me pondering a bit since, stumped in utter confusion, and feeling strangely speechless. Well, except for all the words to come...

If you've been following along on Instagram (a_fedorio), Facebook, or here, you know I've been traveling quite a lot this school year. So far in 2015, I've caught 15 flights, been to five new countries and over 15 new cities, and have a lot more traveling coming up/planned/in mind. It is my passion, it is what ignites my fire, it is the thing that makes me feel like I am being my best self as often as humanly possible, and it truly is what I organize my life around. I have found "my thing," and plan to dedicate as much of my time, energy, money, thought and existence to it as I can. Why would I do anything other than that? It would be silly for me to know what my passion is, know what I want to do, know what makes me truly happy, and then choose not to do it, and/but instead revolve around other things, right? But unfortunately, that is exactly what so many people do in life, and that is the question and instance I've been left unable to fathom.

Last night, I had a moment of thinking, "Oh my gosh, I am still here for four more weeks, how can I wait that long to get on to doing what I love to do most?" Because, at the end of four weeks, I'm going to begin a 7-week trip, and it will lead into the next adventure -- living/working in California for a little, and traveling around the States -- which will then lead into honestly, a whole life designed around being able to live out of a backpack and travel all the time. Now, I realize four weeks is very little time, and considering this week is already half-way through, I actually have even less than that. But still, when I know what I want to do with my life, why, and better how, can I spend any of my time and energy on anything else?? But that's what most people do, isn't it?

This morning, I decided to live each day like I'm on vacation, because really, with only four weeks left in my school year, and every other thing coming set to only last 5-6 months unless I chose/want more, everyday might as well be a holiday, and every moment might as well be enjoyed to the max! Time on Earth is a gift, and I shan't be wasting mine with unhappiness and things I can't infuse with passion. No way, no thanks.

And yet, there are so many people out there that continue to put up with situations that don't make them happy, and I just can't understand it! If I'm struggling to accept I've gotta stick around for another four weeks, and my situation isn't even one that makes me wildly unhappy, then how does a person who pretty much hates theirs, stick it out for years? Some doing so for their entire lives! 

These situations can be anything -- jobs, relationships, location, activities, whatever -- that makes up a substantial part of your life, that doesn't make you feel happy, satisfied, ignited or impassioned. And there is a ridiculous number of people living within this unhappiness, usually because of fear and/or self-doubt, for extended periods of time, without ever stepping away from it. This I really cannot understand.

But really, truly, above all else, the thing I don't understand are the people who live in these unhappy situations, when they know perfectly well what they want to be doing, what would make them happy, what lights their fire and makes them feel like they are eagles soaring high above it all.

How can you possibly allow yourself to stay somewhere you aren't happy, remain in that existence for years, when you know [perfectly well] what would put a smile in your soul?? How can you keep going head on into something that doesn't make you feel good, when you're aware of what would and/or does? How do you tell yourself whatever it is you tell yourself to stay, so many times, that you remain there for years on end, and allow your dreams to remain just that.. dreams? Why don't you think they should become a reality? What's stopping you???

{{ Input is welcome, encouraged, and really requested, 
because I'd love to understand this apparent epidemic. }}

Perhaps I'm lucky because I've created my own reality and decided to be a little selfish, live out my dreams, and break the chains, but I do believe every single person on Earth deserves to live and feel happy about their life and what's around them. We have dreams for a reason: so we can chase them, turn them into reality, and relish in them as often as possible. If we lived in a dreamless world, so little of what we know today would even be. Nothing would be as it is. It's dreams that have got us here, and it's dreams that will get us out, take us through, keep us going, and make what's next. So why not make it be your dream?


Sending you support, encouragement, love, light, blessings, and an endless capacity to dream AND believe!

I love you family,
Allie-Sun <3 

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