Friday, July 13, 2012

The Secret

Well hello old friends (and new)! I realize I have been doing some serious slacking in the writing department, and really shouldn't try to make any excuses, but since it's me, I'm going to anyways. :) It was a HUGE holiday week what with the fourth of July and all, and then I went home to help my dear grandmother celebrate her 90th birthday!

My darling lover, Cort and I getting our 4th on!

Grandma's little girls <333

But now that I'm done trying to excuse my laziness with my blog, I actually do have something very pertinent to say, and that is, "If you haven't watched 'The Secret,' you really need to do so!"

"The Secret" is all about the Law of Attraction -- it features people speaking about their experiences using it in their lives, and is one of the most inspiring films I have seen in a very long time. I have always known and believed in the Law of Attraction, and go through phases where I am manifesting a lot in my life, I even made a vision board last year and hung it above my bed, but I don't think I ever fully understood the depth to which it can work until this film. The stories these people tell are mind-blowing and so unreal, but so incredible! The entire time I was watching I could not stop smiling, and I have set some serious goals (along with made the firm decision to make a new vision board this weekend/upcoming week and put it above my bed again). And I will share a couple things with you right now, because I know with certainty that they are going to happen in my life, and that they will only become stronger and more powerful thoughts if they have been laid down. The big ones are as follows:
  • Visit my best friend in Australia this coming semester where she will be studying,
  • be a one billionaire in the next five years,
  • and be able to help support the food and water needs of two third-world countries.
These may seem like incredibly large goals, but I am living my life as if it has already happened, and I am looking at the end result. I suggest you all watch this film and begin to manifest, because its power is immeasurable and amazing. 

Today's Thought: How great is it that I am living my dreams and able to help others (because I am a one billionaire;)!

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