Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fat is Funny

I had a thought this weekend that disturbed me, and it had to do with body image and the ideas that society has about what is beautiful, what should be, and what is good looking. There was a billboard with an advertisement for Jonah Hills upcoming movie about cops (or something-a-ruther), and it struck a chord within me. Everyone I know has always found him to be very funny and entertaining, and most people I know, shamefully, including myself, have found him to be less funny since he has lost weight. It's ridiculous that we find people to be funnier when they are overweight, and then start to like them less when they decide to get healthy and take control of their weight, saying that "they were funnier when they were fat."

It's horrifying what society has become and the pressures we put on people to look a certain way and fit a certain mold. How can we possibly scorn people for being overweight and not taking care of themselves, but then someone like Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen lose weight (good for them!), and we suddenly find them less amusing? Their ability to be humorous has not changed, only their outer appearance, but instead of sending them air-fives, we sit there and wish they were bigger again. What's wrong with us? Where have we gone wrong?

I cannot believe that there is anyone other than Hitler that's ever lived, or will, that would rather see everyone the same. How boooorrrringg that life would be if there weren't different kinds of people, we cannot want that in the world. I'm down with all of us getting along and understanding each other, that would be incredible and lead to a peaceful world, but for all of us to have the same body type is a) IMPOSSIBLE, and b) annoying (everything you ever want to buy would be sold-out, you'd be tapping strangers shoulders thinking it's your friend even more than you do now [speaking to myself...], and we would look like a bunch of sexy robots walking around). Sure, I look at insanely thin girls and wish I was more like that, or a little more toned, or had different muscle construction so I could have more definition, but when it comes right down to it, I always look around and realize how wonderful it is that we're all different and are forced to accept who we are, and simply be the best that WE can be, not the best that we see in others.

We need to start placing more weight on how people act rather than on what they look like. Some of the most beautiful people are so in the most unconventional ways.

Today's Thought: Put yourself in their position, or if you've ever been in it, how can you ridicule another? Spread ONELOVE, and eliminate hate!


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