Friday, July 20, 2012

Thought A Lot

Thoughts are a really interesting thing -- they completely control your mood, what happens in your life, and can manifest, twist, change, and skip around in the most interesting ways.

This week I have been house and dog sitting for my uncles while they are on vacation, and a couple nights ago the most frightening thing happened: the alarm went off while we were inside the house. Sunshine (the dog) started barking and going crazy while the "someone broke into the safety deposit box safe at the bank" alarm went off, almost deafening me. I got it off, and she stopped barking, but that did not change the anxiety and fear from seeping in and taking over. Every room, closet, and hiding spot was checked for intruders, and all the doors were checked to see that they were still locked. I took comfort in knowing that since she was probably not barking anymore, there was likely nothing to fear, and I had probably just forgotten to turn the motion off inside the house. But as I laid there in bed, trying to fall asleep and not imagine that every little sound I heard was someone surely coming with a knife to kill me, I couldn't help but let my thoughts go to a fearful and dark place.

I envisioned a tragic murder scene in my head, and started to have thoughts of a conspiracy that must have been planned against me. I imagined that someone that comes to work on the pool, landscaping, yard, or house must have known they were gone and plotted with their family or friends to come and take advantage of their amazing home. I replayed every moment that had happened since I got home from work, each minute that the sliding door was unlocked and we were away from it, and those moments that it was open so Sunshine could come in and out. I pictured someone slipping in and hiding until we retreated to go to sleep. And during my wild imaginings, I was remembering all that I learned in "The Secret," which only led me to be more fearful because I knew that all my negative, bad, and harmful thoughts were manifesting and at some point would become a reality. But thankfully, I also know that positive thoughts act quicker than negative ones, and if you change your thoughts quickly, you can off-set the bad. It was quite a life-cycle of thoughts going on for hours in my head, and I was exhausted the next day, to say the least.

But through it all, I kept reassuring myself that everything was fine, and praying for protection. It's just crazy to realize the power that is held in our minds and our thoughts, so I would just like to remind you to keep them positive (and to watch "The Secret")! (Also Today's Thought.)

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