Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tiny Italian Towns

As I mentioned in my post about Rome, I didn't go to Vatican City in the four days I was there, but instead took Monday of my trip to go to a couple of small towns in the hills outside of Rome. I meant to go to the Vatican on Monday, but when we were unable to buy tickets online the night before, we didn't hesitate to scrap the plan. (The line for the Vatican is meant to take 2-3 hours, and I'm sorry, I'm sure it's worth it, but I am not one to wait in line on a hot day.) So Camilla said we could go check out Frascati in the morning, pick up some pizza for lunch, and then spend the afternoon in Nemi. Perfect sounding plan!

I'd heard about Frascati before we went, mainly because the town is widely-known for their symbol: the three-titted woman. They say she's got two for milk, and one for wine. Now, I'm not the biggest wine drinker, but I enjoy a glass or two with some good food and conversation, and I definitely love any place that's given women another nipple just for this purpose! May I present to you Frascati and their "I've got it all covered" lady...

After picking up some pizza to take home for lunch from a place that apparently has the best pizza in the town, buying Camilla's favorite cake in the world, talking a quick stroll, hitting the grocery store so I could stock up on Italian goodies to bring back with me, and spending a looong time talking to the parking lot attendant, we headed home for lunch. I wish I'd taken pictures of all the meals that her mom prepared/laid out. It was quite the impressive and delicious event. So many different dishes were on the table, even the pickiest of eaters would walk away stuff from various things. Amazing. I love Italy. (Even though her mother is New Zealand born, English raised, and has been living in Italy for 25 years. I asked her if she now feels herself more Italian than anything, and she said she doesn't really feel her self as anything. I wonder what I'll feel like in another 23.5 years when I've spent the majority of my time away from where I was born and raised...)

I feel like I'm cutting everything here a little bit short, but it's because I really freakin' can't wait to tell you guys about Nemi! So I'm just going to get to it, because I am so in love with this teeny, tiny town, and I want you all to know about it. (Now watch, I'll go back to Nemi in 10 years, and it'll be seeming with people like Rome, and I'll be saying, "Blasted tourists! They've ruined my calm haven of delicious flavors and beautiful sights!" Hahaha.)

Nemi is a small town outside of Rome, one in which you MUST visit if you are in the city for a while. Give up a day to go there, it's worth it. I gave up Vatican City for it, and I don't regret anything about the choice. Seriously.

It's in the mountains, looking down on a lake and at another small village all the way across the lake, and is known for a few things: truffles, wild berries (namely strawberries), and wine. I mean, do you need to hear more words? Maybe you do, but maybe what you need to be further convinced are pictures. So, here you are...

Falling in love yet? Well, I've got a bit more to show you before we're through here!

Camilla enjoying some gelato with fragolini (little, wild forest strawberries), and myself freaking out over how delicious this strawberry tiramisu was! And of course, the view of Lake Nemi :)

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!!!

I don't think I can ever eat a regular-sized strawberry again after the experience of these tiny forest delights!

And let's not forget about the impromptu wine tasting session we enjoyed at this, quite literally, hole in the wall place..

I recommend going to the shop next door to this, too, and trying some of their crazy-good truffle dips and stuff. Buy in bulk, then send me some. ;)

Nemi is completely designed for tourists, and we were both equally shocked to find out that Russian tourists are those that most-visit Nemi. But in spite of the place looking like a catalog offer, it's still so calm, the people so kind, and every gastronomical offering so divine. Tiny but mighty, I say! Go, go, I say! Enjoy it and let me know what gems you found while you were there. I know I'm going back when I get the chance! 

Sending lots and lots of love to you all! As I become more serious and dedicated to writing my first book, I ask that you please send me encouraging, motivating vibes, and pray for me to believe in myself, and get this thing finished, edited, and self-published before New Year's! I believe it can be done, and believe God's got my back, would be great to add your support to the pile! :)

I love you fam_{{ily}}, have a blessed and beautiful week!

Blessings, Love, Light & Wonder
Raining down
From Above

-Allie-Sun <3 

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