Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cheers and a Banger

Well, I did it, I made it through 20 years of school...almost! I officially attended the last college course I will ever have to take in my life! And I can tell you one thing is for sure, my smile was never so big walking into that classroom! The professor only kept us for 35 of the 75 minutes, and to be honest, I almost wish he'd kept us the whole time. Ya know, just so I could really embrace the last moments of my life as a student. Such a mix of emotions are running through me right now. I am certainly feeling proud of myself for making it through these last 4.5 years with the grace that I have ;) But now as the hours pass since I exited that room for almost the last time (still have finals), I think the nostalgia is kicking in and I'm starting to feel a little sad, maybe a little freaked. Okay, A LOT freaked. Mostly because I have been living my life these last few months with the thought in my head that I will be carving my own way, foraging my own path like none other before me, and didn't need to really try to find a job. I think I didn't really believe that college would end. It has been such a little bubble, far away from any reality I see grown-ups living in, and therefore un-pop-able. But not to stress, I have always had the feeling inside me that this life has something MAJOR in store for me. Now all I have to do is wait for that pivotal "a-ha" moment to come when I realize, "Yes, this, this is what I was always meant to do." 

A.D.D. Drift: I thought I should share with you all this little pearl of goodness-- if you like it when your body tingles and you can't help but move to the groove, then you'll love this track. Coming to you straight from one of my favorite music blogs, get ready to get amped up for the weekend with the deeeeeep bass in this face melting BANGER!

Now it is on to the studies so I can ensure that this semester, truly is my last. What a trip!

And today's quote is one that I've been telling myself quite a lot the last couple of weeks, and intend to continue telling myself until I die: "Life's a ride, and I'm along for it!" 

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