Monday, December 19, 2011

Airport Adventures

Original time of publish: 11:49am Pacific time. It did something funny w/ html coding and reposted after I corrected it. Now on w/ the good stuff!

Currently I am coming to you live from the Sacramento International Airport (terminal b for all you stalkers out there;). I've never had such an interesting gate experience. There's are seven people in wheelchairs! I look around and feel like I am at a convalescent home rather than the airport. But as long as there is no in-air emergency, I will be perfectly content with the situation.

My family arrived in Phoenix on Saturday, but b/c of work I am just meeting up with them today. In a matter of minutes I will board the plane and be flying sky high to a new place. I am so excited! I've never been to Phoenix or Scottsdale (Arizona at all for that matter), so it only seems natural that after my parents and sister pick me up we would.... go see a movie!? Hahaha. My life. What a trip. Just a peak at what I am a product of. But tomorrow will be eggcellent... For as long as my sister and I can remember, our parents have been telling us they would take us to the Grand Canyon, and it's finally happening!! Woo! I will be sure to write a travelers-post following or during the trip :)

But for now I will leave you with this... The celebrations that follow graduating are amazing and I am so happy I've been able to participate in the debauchery two semesters in a row. Hehe. And a big shout out to LA Riots, who performed in humble Chico on Friday at the El Rey and KILLED it. Small crowd w/ a lot of power, keep it up Cheeks!

I will be sure to put up a sentimental post about finishing school when I am not writing from a phone.

Today's Quote: "LIVE IT UP!!!"

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