Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Finals Stretch

I am losing my crazy mind right meow!! Finals week must have been invented by someone who had an arch enemy with A.D.D. and was looking for a way to spite their life, because this is redonkulous! I think that in some far-away culture this form of living must be considered torture and punishment, right!?! To the good fellow who thought finals would be a good idea, THIS IS FOR YOU.....

My "angry" face, a token of my current feelings about needing to be productive and studious.

I have been in the library since 3:00 and only have 12 note cards, some organized notes, and scanned copies of my transcript to show for it! And the fact that I am, and have been since August 22nd, completely over school, doesn't help my case in any way. I just keep telling myself that it will all be over in a mere 8 days (including non-school/test days), and that quitting now would be highly unacceptable and ridiculous. But ohhh mannnn, is it hard not to just throw in the towel! It's really quite unfortunate that these coming finals are so very important for my grades, because I would really enjoy putting in minimal effort and instead spend my time with my friends who will be leaving soon. So sad this can't be a part of the reality I intend to create. :( 

I suppose I should be looking at this on the up-side though-- finals don't start until Monday, and I'm already in the library preparing for them! Hah, there we go, positivity! I feel better about myself already! Who would have thunk it, that blogging would become a form of self-therapy? Eggcellent! And now that I have released this momentary emotional spurt, I will return to the PowerPoint slides and flashcards that drove me here in the first place! Enjoy the rest of your hump day everyone and be forewarned: I am officially going to move on from my 20-year role as a student in EIGHT DAYS!!! Which means...LOTS of fun blog entries to come, as I will surely be in a total state of distortion.

Today's Quote (which is particularly appropriate for my current state): 
"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." -Buddha


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