Monday, February 20, 2012

Phase Craze

Everyone in their life goes through many different phases. Depending on where you are living at the time, what grade you are in, what friends you have, or if there is something going on in your life, you can be found in any sort of phase. The number and types of phases that are out there to be experienced are countless, but I daresay that the average number of phases a person goes through in their life is at least three. Upon saying this, I would absolutely love it if you would leave a comment with the phases that you have gone through in your life so I can verify/justify my estimation. The following are the phases that I have had the pleasure of passing through in my almost 23-years:

1. BOSSY Phase- I was an incredibly bossy young child. I struggled with making and keeping friends when I was in K-2nd grades not only because girls at that age are cruel, heartless little brats, but because I was constantly telling people what to do and thinking I had the big[ger] girl pants on than everyone else. Thankfully this phase didn't last too long, or I would undoubtedly be all alone in this life.
2. HYPER-ACTIVE Phase- up until my parents took my to the correct specialists who diagnosed me with A.D.D. I was INSANE. One bite of red licorice would send me bouncing off the walls, jumping on the beds, and have me making snow angels on the floor of the FoodMaxx on a trip with my best friend and her mom (true story). Luckily I was placed on medication before starting 3rd grade, and things got better from there.  
3. FOLLOWER Phase- I switched from the neighborhood public school to a private, Christian school for 3rd-8th grade which only heightened the fact that I was a total follower. I never made up my mind for myself, but instead would wait and see what my bff's decided, and then go with that. My favorite color, choice of clothes, style of shoe, accessories, and activity choice was never my own. The only thing I remember deciding about on my own was who I was crushing on. I wanted so desperately to fit in that I would just like what everyone else did in order to fit in with them. But then I came into my....
4. GOTHIC Phase- that's right. If only I had a picture to depict the horrific splendor that I was in eight grade. All black, all the time. Black eye liner, 10's upon 10's of those stupid, plastic, skinny, sparkly/black/multicolor bracelets stacked upon themselves all the way up my arms, spiky bracelets and belts, those elastic, black choker necklaces that were made to look like a neck tattoo, Converse shoes that were decorated with checkerboards, song lyrics, and other emo designs of my choice, pinstripes drawn on my pink Jansport backpack, covered with pins and patches, and the icing on the cake? The pants from Hot Topic that were more bell-bottomed than in the 70's, zippers that went up from the bottom to reveal red fabric with black hearts, and we all know one can't be goth unless their pants also have those horrendous straps clipped on and dangling around by your knees. Luckily I was in private school and we had a strict dress code, but outside of the school, oh man..I was there to make a statement. One that said, "Eff you world! I hate you, I hate me, and I hate everything." But then Nike's came into my life and I entered my mini-...
5. "GHETTO" Phase- I know I'm from Stockton and infused with a little hood by default, but I really thought I was tough shit for a little while there. I rocked my Nike's and walked around like I could fight, but then I decided I was sick and tired of private schools and opted to go to the public high school. Where I came to realize what I was doing, didn't even scratch the surface of "ghetto." This realization forced me into the...
6. EVERYTHINGMIXEDTOGETHER Phase- Like I said, I opted to go to the public high school in my district, and when I got there I had no sense of who I was. My 8th grade class had about 20 students in it, and I was the only one to go to the high school I did. I knew a few kids from back in my public school days before and reconnected with them through water polo, but I had a lost sense of identity for the first couple months. I didn't have a set style, but instead wore all the clothes I'd been wearing through my other phases. Too bad my parents didn't take pictures of my daily attire. I could have given Joan Rivers a heart attack.
7. PREPPY Phase- I came to realize that I was "a preppy kid" during high school. I was solidly classified as an athlete, but when I wasn't wearing a swimming or water polo tee-shirt, I was wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, and Old Navy. THANK THE LORD I grew out of that phase just like the rest!

And now, I consider myself to be a blend of everything. I've got a little punk in me, a little prep, but mostly I classify myself as a whole lot hippie, and a little bit hood. Sometimes a fashionista, other times a bum. I am what I am, when I am. :) Be yourself, there's something that you can do that no one else can!

Today's Quote: "Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress." Bruce Barton


  1. Anonymous21/2/12 09:43

    Life is a long road, dotted with joy and Disillusion.
    Throughout this route we will try to identify to his parents, his friends and idols but we also try to break away from those same inspirations and eventually create its own identity.
    Eternal Happiness is too vague to be reached but his quest is perpetual.
    For many Western human being today, the finality of life boils down to a lot of money no matter the sacrifices that this may cause.
    Unfortunately this tends to create unhealthy behaviors which detach Man of all his wisdom and make him focus on his individuality.
    It's often forgotten many we are stronger when we are several.
    The friendship, family, love is worth more than a fist of dollars.

    So put your sneakers on and eat the life as it comes because it is so beautiful

    Arthur 'nounours'

  2. Where did that come from? I love it!! (and you, but that goes w/o saying:)