Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm On A High

Welcome to the dawn of the dead dear friends! We have made it into the talked-about 2012!! I hope that everyone out there had as lovely and memorable a new year's as I did. I spent my NYE in Lake Tahoe in the South Shore, where I attended Snow Globe Music Festival with some of the most incredible people ever to find their ways into my life! Overall, we had a group of about 20 of us that passed the love and caring on to one another the whole weekend. And while they may never see this, I have to take a moment to give a HUGE shout-out to those people who have taken control of my heart and entered into the new year with me, in only a way that this group can together!! 

The festival was out of this world, to say the least. Having a music festival of this sort in Tahoe is ingenious and I am thrilled to see it happen more often. The setting was incredible; the Lake Tahoe Community College provided us with amazing grounds to dance, frolic, and play around on. The main stage was idyllic on the football field, and at any given moment if you were to look around you would see the beautiful, tall trees surrounding you in the clearing (the field), and straight above was the night sky. Now, if you've never seen the night sky in Tahoe or any other place with a higher elevation, I suggest you put it on your bucket list and do not pass before you have seen it! The sky is so dark and lovely, and the stars shine brighter than you've ever seen them before. It will literally take your breath away and cause you to stare in awe and wonder at its beauty. 

But not only was the setting absolutely wonderful, the people were of the highest caliber. Especially those from our very own Don't Mind If I Do Krew and Team Take It Eacy. It gets increasingly harder to say good-bye and live my life without these people as the years pass, but when we gather, the most incredible things happen. Never have I found myself in a group of people who are so intent on positive thinking, positive vibes, and passing the love through oneself and onto others. The level of caring and consideration in this group is a rare treasure. Each one of us is a gem in our own way, and we all bring some element of life to the group as a whole. We are a group of people who may not see each other but a few times a year, but during the times we are together, the love you feel is incomparable to any other time. We are all such positive thinking people who like to release positive vibes into the universe, as well as listen to the world and let it take us where we are supposed to be. We would leave the group and wander around, just knowing that we would find each other again. And we always did :)

One of the most ultimate highlights of the festival for me was Bassnectar's set on Friday night. He absolutely KILLED IT!!! His set was so sexual and incredible that I thought I had about died and gone to Heaven. The beats he was throwing our way were fresh to death and channeled all the way through my body to move me in a way that has not happened [in public] ever before! I hope I can get my hands on that live set from some where, because I want nothing more than to blast it on repeat until I see him again! I am not sure I saw a single set that didn't melt my face off in some way, and was so happy to see some people that I'd never even heard of before. Other sets that I saw included: Thievery Corporation, Emancipator, Yacht, Kraddy, Run DMT, Big Gigantic, Porter Robinson, NastyNasty, Pretty Lights, Tipper, Fish Bone, Datsik, Eliot Lipp, Heyoka, Hottub, Star Slinger, Dilated Peoples, B. Bravo, Samples, Two Fresh, Paper Diamond, and The Glitch Mob. WOW, what an amazing weekend of music!!! And just an amazing weekend overall!

By far the best new year's I have ever have, and it will be a struggle to surpass the greatness in the coming years. But I gladly accept the challenge ;D

And now that the new year has begun, I am making it my goal to actually continue this blog in a consistent fashion! The resolutions are in the working, and I would love to know what yours are, so please share!

Enjoy your third day of the new year my friends, and let's make this year even better than those passed! 

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