Tuesday, March 17, 2015

9 Things I Learned in Napoli

I feel like my eyes were opened to a great many things while in Italy. It was my first time in the country, and to have started my lifelong love affair with the country in the south was, at first, unconventional (most people would visit Rome, Milan, or Venice on their first trip to Italy), but for me, it turned out to be an incredible decision! I was treated well, fed well, and my eyes were bursting with each new sight. But not only were my senses fully stimulated, so was my brain! (Always a great thing!) Yes, the south taught me and showed me a lot of different stuff. Some things such as...
  1. Don’t trust maps, not even Google’s. If you want to get anywhere, ask directions. Trust the locals to tell you how to get there.
  2. It’s hard to get bad food, and easy to get good, cheap food. (And cheaper if you ask for it “da potare” or, “to go.”)
  3. Blasting your music doesn't seem to bother any of your neighbors, and if you’re singing along loudly to it, all the better.
  4. There’s actually no bad time to have limoncello, though they might think you strange if you are drinking it casually. (It’s usually had as a shot after a meal to aid digestion.)
  5. Nor is there such a thing as too many coffees in one day. (Although, due to my lent I didn't have any. Dang.)
  6. And there also isn't really such a thing as talking too loudly.
  7. Displaying (hanging) your panties to dry on the dry rack that’s placed on the side walk outside your door for all passerbyers to see is not unusual. And surprisingly, it's not going to get stolen.
  8. People appreciate you appreciating life, and will smile right along with you as you embrace life. Also, decrepit doesn't equal lifeless.
  9. Doble Mozzarella. (Double mozzarella). Just do it. (Pizza talk)

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