Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Well That Was Fast!

Ok, so I've just gotta take a moment here to give some major props to God, the power of love, the power of thought and manifestation, all good forces and wonder in the world, and maybe brag a little bit...

I've been doing the 5 Minute Meditations of Love & Gratitude (part of My Modified Daily Practice) for only three days now, but already, I'm reaping rewards and seeing the results! And while they're not exactly manifesting in the ways I'd imagined, they're affect is undeniable and glaringly obvious.

Here I talked about the whole 5 Minute Meditation idea, where it came from, and why I'm doing them, so I won't get into in this one. I'm short on time, I've already said it, and this post is mostly just to update you all on the progress and process, and tell you of the wild ways this is already working in my life. I will however do a quick recap on what it means...

The 5 Minute Meditations are a time when I sit and meditate for five minutes, with a timer, and concentrate fully on Love, then reset the timer, and concentrate fully on Gratitude. The Love one is love I direct to my students, coworkers, anyone that is involved in my workplace, and especially directed at the groups that are more "difficult". The Gratitude one is directed to God, and it's simply me running through things I'm grateful for, and speaking thanks to Him. It's always a bit different, and today to switch it up, I said it all in my head as a poem. I loved it. (And have decided to do the 5 Minute Meditation of Gratitude before the Love one, because when we are in a state of thanks, it makes love come more easily and naturally. So I figure my love will be even better if it's first charged with gratitude.:)

Anyways, like I said, this morning was only the third time I've done them, and just now, I read a text from the teacher I'm supposed to work with tomorrow, telling me the group we have at the first hour (8:15, the dreaded early hour) is on a field trip and won't be there, so I don't need to show up that early. But not just that, the group we should have in the fifth hour (12:14-13:45) is going to be taking a quiz that will take up most of the class, so there's no point in me going to that either! SAY WHAT!?! I'm freakin' out!

I freak out, because the second group I'm supposed to be with tomorrow is easily the most difficult group to deal with on an energetic level. So the fact I've been sitting in silence and speaking love into their souls the last few days, and now won't even see them, is strangely awesome, not a result I would have expected, and also, perhaps a sign I'm not quite ready for all that.

It's possible that God is giving me this extra time off, to deepen and continue this practice, so when I am with them next I have had more than just a few days under my belt. A lot can change and happen in three days, but five months of hardships can't be undone in just 18 minutes (in this particular case). So, thank You, God, for this little break and chance to keep up with it before I step into the ring again (something I shouldn't even say, because simply making a comment like that demonstrates I'm considering it battle, which will only cause it to be/remain the same). And thank you, Love, for coming back around to me!

I knew that this probably wouldn't change their behavior so much, but as Captain Jack Sparrow said, "The problem isn't the problem. The problem is how your attitude about the problem." So, I've been sending deep love to all of their conflicted teen souls, and the whole time, it's been getting ready to come back around to me and give me an unexpected day off work! Amazing!

Thank you, All There Is 

Update on 11/03/2015:
I just got home to read some messages from another teacher I'm meant to have two hours with tomorrow, and she forgot I was supposed to be with her, and has an exam in the classes, so I don't start at 8:15, but instead at 12:45. Seriously...this is unreal. Meditate Love onto anything that's giving you a hard time, it cannot persist if you do. That I swear!

Blessings, Love, Light & Wonder to all you magical Beings out there,
I adore you, I cherish you, I love you
-Allison :)

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