Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dancing Around the Fire

Last night, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to come together with some friends and celebrate the first day of Spring. It was such an amazing, full experience, and I'd like to share the energy with you!

I'm part of a group of women in Écija that gathers on each full moon to embrace, celebrate, meditate and/or discuss some part of womanhood or female culture, though I've never been able to make it because of trips. We have a Whatsapp group, and it's always being flooded by uplifting conversation, natural health/healing tips, inspiring videos/images/songs, and different gatherings that are being planned. One of the women from the group decided to host a bonfire, and have a Spring Equinox Celebration! She and her family live in the country between Écija and another town, and four years ago, built themselves an adobe home. They have lots of land, and she wanted to host us there to dance around the fire, go through some Spring Equinox rituals, and then share in a potluck dinner (where each guest brings a dish to be shared).

As soon as we arrived to their land, after driving on uneven dirt roads for a while, time slowed down, our breaths deepened, and smiles started spreading much wider than they'd been before. Long rows of yellow flowers were in full bloom on one side, illuminating the place with color, the sun was setting on the opposite side, and there we were, a group of misfits and lovers, gathered in the middle of the fields.

Then, as it began to get darker and the rest of the group arrived, we all were given a slip of paper, and told to write down the things we wanted to see return to us in this life -- our desires, our hopes, anything and everything we wanted to keep blessing us and coming our way. This was done, because since it's Spring, things are growing, they're in bloom. This is when new life is given and made, and we're meant to consider stepping into this new form of ours.

Finally, when we were all ready, we started out towards the "fire pit", and as we entered the circle, one of the little girls put some freshly plucked Spring flowers on our heads to anoint us and connect us to the time of year. Since it'd been raining the last few days, all the branches were wet, and the fire took some extra love and care to get going, but soon, it was roaring, and we all stood in silent wonder to fawn over the flames, and the small, sliver of a moon that had risen in the distance.

And then, after we'd all gotten our own stick or branch, we stood around the circle, and began the celebration. Belen, the woman who was hosting the Spring Fiesta, had some chants, prayers, and instructions on a piece of paper, and she guided us through it all. We all got down on our knees, to enable us to be more in contact with the Earth, and then went through a series of things from giving thanks to the plants, animals, Earth, sky, water, and etc, to kissing the Earth with our hands touching it, and so much more. We repeated some things, stood, and then ceremoniously threw our little slip of dreams and desires into the flames to send it up.

I think I was the only Christian there, and the only one who included thanks to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in my prayers, but it didn't matter. We were all there for the same reason: to celebrate new life, new chances, and all the blessings that are to come this season. It was as beautiful as could be.

We finished the ceremony by dancing and chanting around the fire, repeating after one another whatever strange calls, sounds, or words came to mind, beating on the drums, jumping around, and laughing about life. At one point, I yelled out, "PEACE AND LOVE FOR ALL HUMANITYYYY!!!" I think no one, apart from our English friend that was there, understood what I said, because instead of repeating after me, there were a lot of confused-kinda sounds, and almost a nervous laugh. But then, with perfect timing, one of the little boys who was present repeated something he'd heard me say earlier, which was actually the best response possible, "OH YEAH!" To which, everyone in the circle shouted, "OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" ^_^

The night ended and lasted for many hours after, as we indulged in the vegetarian/vegan potluck we'd provided. All the food was so amazing, the conversation varying, and there was even some massage time by the very end of the night. It was such a lovely celebration with new friends, to celebrate and embrace All Things New.

I am wishing you an incredibly charged and happy Sunday, and sweet second day of Spring! I hope you have embraced what this season represents, and are releasing those desires up to God so He can work on delivering to you exactly what you need! And if you celebrated the Spring Equinox in any way, let me know in the comments below!

Blessings, Love, Light & Wonder to all of you, 
I love you so much,
Allison <3

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