Saturday, March 28, 2015

This Stuff is Really Working!!!

You guys, I'm freaking out right now!!! You know the 5 Minute Meditations I have been doing the last few weeks? Well, THAT STUFF WORKS! And REALLY fast!! (Reference to "Bad Teacher," anyone? Anyone?) I cannot believe how awesome it is to witness all of this happening, and know exactly the source of the changes and greatness that I'm seeing before me and feeling inside! It's like a great mystery of great life has been uncovered!

So, if you're not up-to-date on what I'm talking about, go ahead and click on over to here, here, or here, and you can learn a little about these 5 Minute Medi's I'm doing. In short, I meditate for 5 minutes a day, focusing all my thoughts and energy on sending love to my students, and another 5 minutes, focusing it all on gratitude. And seriously, the changes in and around me have been too amazing not to comment on!

In the last update post I wrote, I mentioned that I didn't think they were really working, because I saw a group of the guys from the most difficult class, and they just laughed out loud, a lot, because of the way I was dressed, and how I had my hair. I figured the meditations weren't really having the influence I'd hoped or expected, but was determined not to give up. Instead, I cranked it up! SO MUCH MORE LOVE! Muahaha! And yet, I continued not to have class with the groups I'd been focusing most of my love on. It was so strange! Kind of like a backwards result, or like all the love I was sending out was just coming back to me and God was showing His grace (keeping me out of the class). But that could only last so long, and on Monday, I realized I was going to "face them" two days in a row, and so I have.

On Tuesday I finally had class with one of the groups, after about four weeks without seeing them (in the classroom). I tried to supress and deny all old thoughts I had about them, and focus on the fact it was, somehow, magically, going to be great. And while I was really optimistic about it, my insides were still a little reluctant to walk into the room.

I used my walk to work as a motivational time for myself, and gave thanks for the opportunity to face them. After all, what good were these meditations if I didn't ever see the students in the classroom? Could I really say I was trying to make it better, if I fist pumped every time I was told I didn't have class with them? Not even! So I decided I would take advantage of the class to crank it up even more, and make it an opportunity to look into their faces, and speak love straight into their souls. And I did!

When I walked into the room, I made eye contact with as many of them as I could, smiled, said hello, and went to my place in the front of the class. The class went really well, actually, and one of the boys who has always been sending out great amounts of "dark energy", and been one of the biggest sources of hardship with this group, was actually looking at me the entire hour with a sort of admiring look on his face. I couldn't believe it! (Though, I did start to think, maybe I've been sending too much love to him, and he's starting to feel it in a romantic way. Haha) And in the moments when the class started to feel out of control, the moments where before I'd usually slip into a place of thinking, "Can I please get out of here!?", I instead looked from one face to the next, focused on it, and said, "I love you." I went around the room at least four times that hour repeating this, and when I started to feel blown away by their lack of respect, I just remembered all the love I've been sending them, and couldn't feel anything but sympathy and kindness towards them. It was amazing.

The next day I also had class with them. This time, in one of the worst possible hours I have in my entire schedule. They do not respect the teacher at all, and each hour is an endless stream of talking, joking, and acting their age in a time when it's not appropriate to do so. This was the Big Kahuna, and I was ready for it! (Well, mostly.)

The moment I walked into the class, this same boy who used to look at us with looks of loathing, but had been admiring me the day before, said, "Allison, you look very pretty today," in perfect English.

I WAS FREAKING OUT! It was so, so, so hard for me to try and contain my laughter, smiles, and shocked expression. Is this really happening? Am I seriously witnessing this right now?? Is this really the result I'm getting from these meditation?? AMAZING! Hahahaha.

I still can't believe how fast this stuff has worked, nor how it's worked! I knew the power of the mind was impressive, and that we can change everything around us with our thoughts, but to actually be consciously practicing it, seeing it, feeling it, observing it, and know exactly why it's happening, it's incredible. I cannot stress enough how important and life-changing this practice is. Seriously. Just do it.

And even though they were just as disrespectful to the teacher as they usually are, our interactions (theirs and mine) were filled with smiles, laughs, and warm feelings. Actually, it goes even further than that... the teacher would be speaking, they wouldn't really be listening, but then when I was asked to explain something, somehow they kind of all slipped into silence. They paid attention, were interacting with me unlike they used to do, and were involved for a moment. I have goosebumps all over just writing this, because really, it's so beautiful. It's so amazing what love can do. This practice has changed my entire life, and more importantly, is changing these kids' lives!

The whole hour was such an incredible insight into the affects these meditations are having. Instead of glaring at them, I smiled at them with kindness and understanding, instead of thinking about how unbelievably rude and/or spoiled they are, I thought about how much I love them and long for their awakening, and instead of leaving the classroom ready to hit walls, run home, strip off my clothes and do some yoga to calm down (which I've had to do before), I walked out smiling and feeling light, excited for the next time we have class.

This is truly amazing, I am so grateful for this practice.

Having a hard time? Try meditating love on it five minutes a day.
Feeling a lack of anything? Try meditating on feelings gratitude for what you have for five minutes a day.
You cannot practice this and not see positive results. It works, it's real. This is no hocus pocus. This is your life, and you deserve to love it and feel like you're thriving. Make it happen!

I love you

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