Friday, January 13, 2012

Guilty Pleasures Chapter 1: SHOWS

We all have them, we all succumb to them, and all secretly obsess over them-- guilty pleasures. 

Those shows, people, treats, or activities that we just can't help but love and enjoy, but would probably prefer that the rest of the world not be aware of them. Why is that? Is it because we're embarrassed? Because when it comes to a guilty pleasure that's a television show, we really shouldn't be. For example: Mob Wives, Jersey Shore, and Glam Fairy. Whoops, did I really just admit mine to the entire World Wide Web!? 8O Hmm, well now this is a bit awkward, buuuuutttt...moving forward! As I was saying, we really shouldn't be ashamed that we secretly are addicted to these shows because we clearly aren't the only ones. They wouldn't be on the air if there weren't thousands or millions of people who watch them, so why feel the need to watch it when there's no one around? (But I am so NOT ashamed of loving Mob Wives, only because I know that it's not the best content to be watching, but let's face it...these b***** are CRAYZEEE and oh-so entertaining!)

I have never watched a "reality" show that I felt truly had as much reality in it. These women are out of their flipping minds, and I love it (to the tune of the song, of course). They scream, yell, fight, flip out, swear, and gosh dang I love that Staten Island accent! I think I find it easier to buy into the "reality" of this show because they've grown up in the mob lifestyle, and that's just something you can't fake. The fights they get in are prompted for all I know, and it really upsets me that the security guys jump in within seconds to try and stop them, but they are really throwing those punches! I rarely see blood, which is a little disappointing (sorry God, I know I shouldn't be hoping for that, but I can't particularly help it with gals like them), but it's still really invigorating to watch women who are so very different from myself. I do have a little fire cracker inside, but I am so not a physical combat person. (It'll come out of me in a polo game if some trick starts it, but I will never be the one to initiate the unnecessary contact.) Not really much of a combat person at all for that matter. (INCREASE THE PEACE! And yes, I am trying to use subliminal blogging;) But watching these women is like watching the Bad Girls Club and they make you wanna be FIERCE! And I think it's good to have a little fierceness in your life. :) 

The most fascinating shows to me are the ones where the stars have that New York or Rhode Island accent and the people in them are completely OUTRAGEOUS. As you can clearly see from my choice of guilty pleasures: Mob Wives, J. Shore (Though not so pleasureable anymore, but PAULY D & VINNY, if you ever see this, HIT ME UP! I think you two plus my friends and I could have a real blast being total weird-os together:), and Glam Fairy, haha. Whenever the stars of a show are out of their minds and publicly show it, I am infatuated. People should release their inner crazy more often. Not to say get publicly smashed out of your mind and run around screaming, fighting, or etc, but ya know, it's good to get a little wild every once in a while. (Attention People: Please do not become like the starts of these shows though!)

I can feel myself digressing from the initial topic I wanted to address, so I will end it here. (I forgot to take my A.D.D. medication today, and have work in the morning so sleep is a bit necessary.) I pose a task to you all though! Next time an opportunity presents itself for you to do something you might not normally do, or something that scares you, TAKE IT! DO IT! "The things you're scared of are usually the most worth-while." -Chasing Liberty

Today's MAIN Quote: This one comes from the late and wonderful Steve Jobs, "When you're young, you look at television and think, there's a conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that's not true. The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want." Well said Steve, well said. (Rest In Paradise)

And gooooooodnight!

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