Monday, January 30, 2012

Blast From The Past

My high school days caught up to me today when in the mail I received a letter. It came incognito, disguised as a letter from my mom, but as soon as I began to carefully open the envelope, it was clear there was more to be discovered than a $9 dividend check from some stock I apparently own.

At first I thought "like mother, like daughter" at the doodles that were drawn on the envelope, but then started to realize that it was a design that I myself had done sometime in the past. I figured that it was a letter I had sent to a friend years before, that hadn't reached them, and was now coming back my way. (And no, it never crossed my mind that it was a little strange that the letter was being returned to the sender years later. Probably should have been my first indication, but hey, that's my life..) But after looking at the to/from sections, I realized that it was something that I had obviously written to myself sometime in the past. How exciting! I truly thought I had gotten some sort of "message-in-a-bottle" / stepped into some sort of time machine. The messages (to myself) on the outside of the envelope said things like, "Ready to remember?" And, "Memories rush back." And the "biggest message" I wanted my 5-years-older-self to consider, "After 5 years, it finally got back. Take a breath, be nostalgic first!" Now considering that I had no idea what had "gotten back to me," I was a little confused to say the least. After I got over my nerves and decided that opening and reading the contents before my work-out would hopefully not make a difference, I proceeded with great caution. Needless to say, I was beyond shocked when what came out was a collection of photos, a piece of binder paper folded hot dog style, and other folded up pieces of paper containing writing.

After a heavy duty case of laughing in solitude at the pictures (and captions I had included on the back), I decided it was time to get down to business and see what the heck was going on. I started by reading the little messages that a teacher, close friends, and boyfriend at the time had written, then made my way to the main attraction of the whole package...a list. The list is 50 life-goals that I made for myself during the beginning of my second semester of my senior year of high school. Some of them included things like the following:

  • Quit smoking cigarettes (CHECK, since September 5th, 2010!)
  • Avoid major trouble (CHECK!)
  • Work hard in college (Eh......)
  • Stay positive and bright (CHECK & then some!)
  • Get a 6 pack (Uh....jokes are always good in a goal-list, right!?)
  • Study abroad (CHHHECK!!)
  • Own at least one horse
  • Own a cow (Don't laugh, it's still on my list!)
  • Go to NY
  • Berlin Love Parade (Unfortunately won't ever happen considering that tragedy has resulted in it no longer being an event.)
  • Dance on the Great Wall of China (still intend to do so)
  • Find a true love
  • Decide to get married or not (still deciding.....)
  • Be rich enough not to work, and do charity (still my ultimate goal)
  • Skydive (Something I didn't realize was a goal back then, but has become one in the last year. Simply because I have an extreme fear of heights.)
  • Be more spiritual (always a work in progess)

Some I will never be able to accomplish (ie. going to Pepperdine and the Berlin Love Parade), but I am very proud to say that many I have, and still intend to, check off (ie. spend time in Australia, remain a happy person, go to France, learn how to wake-board, live a satisfying life, and etc.). But in all honesty, reading the goals I wrote out for myself 5 years ago wasn't as entertaining as the side-notes I had left for my older self.

One in particular is a little blurb in which I wrote, "Still crazy? Still the girl that wants to make mistakes and learn from them? Still loving your time on earth? Still smiling at strangers? Hope so!" I was so happy to know that I am, for the most part, still that same person 5 years later. :) I still turn the hole punches of my binder paper into mowhaked men, I still rep "Peace && Love," and I still consider happiness to be one of the only things that matters in this life.

Today's Quote: "A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier." -Tom Stoppard

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