Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just My Timing

Another day, another dollar! The phrase goes something like that, but for this gal right here..not quite. Day two of my no school/no work/no gym life has brought me some very new insight. And a realization that I really do want to be productive with my time (yay, go me!). Which if you could see me now, I'm sure you would agree. What with me sitting in my insanely comfortable bed of pillows and comforters and all, hah. And I'm sure you're all wondering if I finished my Spain app like I had so valiantly said I would (yesterday), and to that the answer is...NOPE! But hey, wait a second before you get all "go figure" on me!

Now, if you are going to be taken along on this ride I call my life, there is something you should know about me...I generally have the WORST timing when it comes to anything. Deadlines? Expect whatever it is to get to you practically moments before. (Unless it involves me coordinating/planning any sort of trip/event/etc.) Boys? I seem to always be finding one that could maaaaybe be a potential, but only he's either leaving the country soon, already graduated and moved away from where we've both, coincidentally, been living for years, he comes along the same time as another great find, or the timing is entirely off just because I am perpetually unprepared or unavailable in some capacity. You're out somewhere? We might as well just coordinate what time you'll be leaving, because that's when I'll likely be ready to go meet you. Eating? I can't time a meal worse. I cook and eat, then a roomie cooks, which makes me have immediate food envy and be so upset that I'm not also eating then (even though I'm full off my....). Another example: every time I am at work and snag bites of my snack bar or take my break (for which I've taken 3 in the whole 2.5 months I've worked there), I end up not having to stay and work for more than 45 minutes. Meaning: I could have likely waited and then satisfied myself with a real meal and skipped the extra calories from that delicious MoJo Bar.

You see what I mean?

And I'm pretty sure that's just the tip of the iceberg. I could probably go on for much longer about my bad timing, but will spare you and get back on track!

Yesterday I had made it my goal to finish the application to go abroad to Spain as a teaching assistant. I vowed I would not go to sleep until I had finished every part that needed to be done. I would complete the online portion, upload all the necessary documents, dot the "I's" and cross the "T's," all that jazz, and mail in the printed portion. So it just totally figures that on this day where I have decided with such vigor to complete this task that has been looming over my head and needing to be done since November (applications aren't due till the end of March though, so don't think I'm slacking too hard;), that the website is down for maintenance. The days that I cannot access it due to this maintenance? The 23-25!! The three days in a row where I have NOTHING to do (other than during the late-night when I'm called to be one of the assistant coaches to the women's water polo team).

THIS is how I feel when I think about it! But add a little cross-eyed action and my mouth contorting a little more into an "Ohhhh myyyyyy goshhhh." But the part where my head is about to explode off the northern end, that is entirely accurate.

Luckily I don't have work until four on Thursday, so I can set an early alarm (like 10:30am, let's be real..) and get that ish done before I have to go in! And I do solemnly swear, that I will not let Friday hit until I have raped that application of all its life and submitted it like I intended to do before the New Year! RAWR!

Today's Quote relates directly to time: "I took some time out for life." Story of my life James L. Brooks, story of my life!

Happy reading and a happy life are wished upon you all :)

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